Whole30 Day3

Whole30 Day3

It’s Wednesday – hump day.  Did we mention the new restaurant down the street handed residents at our apartment free appetizer cards?   Hopefully they’re still good at the end of November.

Yes, milkshakes and pretzels.  Whole30 Day3 has been one of cravings.  Foods I typically don’t eat.  Mind games.  Just random thoughts throughout the day of different foods.  And no none of those ideas were on the Whole30 plan.  Let’s just say my day started thinking of hot chocolate and Dunkin Donut donuts.   Later in the day thoughts moved onto pretzels and Pepsi, ooh popcorn.  My very supportive husband just kept texting no.  Oh he did mention once if I cheated I would be back on day 1 while he would be on day 4 tomorrow.

So far, so good.  Must admit I’m still rather tired.  For anyone thinking of starting this eating plan preparation is key.  Seriously, if we had to figure out what we were going to eat each meal we’d be in trouble.  Having a cook in the house helps.  Looking for recipes and figuring out how to make them tolerable for me is keeping Shawn busy.  I just smile and remind him that he asked me to marry him.  He knew how picky of an eater I was before we were married.

It has really helped having some others doing the Whole30 along with us.  Especially those that are a bit ahead of us.  Seeing that they have been able to alter their eating habits and be successful is inspiring.

We’ve been learning to read labels. No, not which ingredient is first or how many carbs or calories are in a serving.  Really looking and reading the label.  Shawn having done Paleo in the past was thinking bacon would be good for breakfast. Hmm.  Have you read a bacon label?

Even those at Whole Foods that were nitrate and nitrite free had sugar.  Ugh!  This is hard.

So where do we go from here?  The timeline provided on the Whole30 website has really helped.  You can check it out here:  Timeline.   Shawn’s hoping to survive the next few days.

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