Whole30 Day 4 Adventures crossing another bridge.

Whole30 Day 4 Adventures

Whole30 Day 4 Adventures

For those of you that have done the Whole30 process honestly from beginning to end, my kudos to you. My Whole30 day 4 adventures were relatively mild. It started with a two egg omelet with spicy Italian sausage, garlic and onion. There were no co-workers bringing sweet treats around. Traffic wasn’t heavy in the morning. There was already coffee made when I got to work. Things were looking good.

Whole30 day 4 adventure snackI was a little worried about my Whole30 day 4 adventures because of this article that I read on the Whole30 forums. My day was more like the one described by RealFoodGirl without the Capri pants. Had lunch on the sage chicken and potatoes with a side of carrots. Dinner was the same thing again since we needed to start cleaning out the fridge to make way for next week. After our walk, Teri and I were both still a bit hungry. I sautéed some garlic, onion and yellow bell peppers, tossed in a little fresh sage and a bit of chicken broth. Brought that to a boil and tossed in a couple of cups of frozen French cut green beans. C’est voilà, a great close to an after dinner walk.

Week 1 is over half done!

This means it’s time to start planning the meals for next week. We talked about making a run to our local butcher to see if he has  bacon that contains nothing but bacon. You would think that would be easy, but Noooooooo. Every brand we looked at, including the butcher counter at Whole Foods, had sugar or preservatives, except for one. That was a Paleo bacon with no sugar or preservatives, but it was nine dollars for 6 or 7 slices. I like bacon, but not that much.

As our Whole30 Day 4 adventures come to close, there are still thoughts of diving into a swimming pool of chocolate milk with doughnuts for life rings. Preferable i think to the Kill Everything attitude that Whole30 implies that most people have on Days 4 and 5. I have to say I was thankful that my lovely wife also a good day and did not bite off my head. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good and we will not be cranky.

We will cross that bridge when and if we come to it. The adventure continues one step and one day at a time.

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