Whole30 Day4

Whole30 Day4

Changing habits.   As the week goes on I have started to realize just how many habits I have around food.  Seriously, have you stepped back and ever thought about it?  I certainly haven’t until starting The Whole30.

Before this week my typical day was to skip breakfast as I ran out the door to catch the train.  Drinking my cup of sweetened tea as Shawn drove to the station.  Around 9 I religiously had some peanut butter crackers and a Pepsi.  I justified the calories in the Pepsi since I had to walk to the 7-11.  Probably should have suspected I had a problem when the folks behind the counter at 7-11 started greeting me by name.

At some point around noon or one I’d have lunch.  Consisting typically of lunch meat with a whole grain wrap and a snack.  Snack would equate to pretzels for me usually and an apple for Shawn.  I would manage to drink some water, but only after “polluting it” as my hubby would say with grape Propell.  Dinners were actually pretty healthy.  Somehow believed eating well one meal offset whatever we ate during the day.  The mind is good at playing tricks.  In the evening we would make popcorn and occasionally cookies.    I can’t imagine how many calories we consumed on a daily basis.

What’s going on?

So what has changed?  Shawn has been really good about getting up and fixing breakfast for us.  He’s gotten good at checking labels to ensure we stay compliant.  This past Sunday we prepared our lunches for the week.  This has made it easy to grab containers and mix and match each day.  Thank goodness for microwaves?  Dinners continue to be healthy, just taken up a notch.  Although i really miss the homemade rolls or bread with our meals.  We started watching The Great British Bake-off earlier this year. What great recipe ideas for every type of bread imaginable.

Evening snacks are a thing of the past.  Actually, we thought we’d have our vegetable later this evening.  Just trying something new.  Somehow the green beans went from just green beans to a piece of art.  You just can’t have green beans.  Shawn proudly proclaimed he’d made them more flavorful and colorful.  Someone is having way too much fun experimenting with food!

Whole30 Day4 was surprisingly good.  My underlying headache from caffeine withdrawal has subsided.  My body finally seems to be getting used to this new way of eating.  I seem to be sleeping better and my energy level is increasing.

The end is near….

I tried the following argument for dinner but lost – someone insisted I would have to start again at day 1.

I still think Shawn’s wrong, but I’m not risking starting over.

Did I mention that the scale is forbidden?  Sunday night Shawn hid the scale.  Another weight related habit – weighing each morning.  Ironic that Shawn picked that habit up from me since we’ve been married.  That and discovering that the car can run when the gas tank is less than half full.  I still own the record for least amount of miles remaining until empty on the gas gauge.

Shawn’s already planning our menu for next week.  It has really helped doing the program with someone who enjoys cooking and trying new things.

Tomorrow marks the end of our first work week on the program.  I think the weekend will be the most challenging for us.






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