Whole30 Day5

Whole30 Day5

Today was a cool and brisk day.  We skipped our morning walk so I braved the wind at lunch.  We’ve been focused on eating healthy and not adding exercise this week.  Maybe next week we’ll add a few ab and weight exercises.  Maybe.

Hard to believe that last Friday night I was talking to a friend about the program.  She’s a week ahead of us.  She was full of energy and excited to talk about the rules and recipes she had tried.  I think the topic came up when she asked how work was going.  Work is actually going fine.  However, since starting in March I’ve gained 16 pounds.  No, you didn’t read that wrong and it isn’t a typo.  In just seven months I’ve added a pound here, a few more there and poof you’re at 16.

Shawn and I have been talking for awhile about eating better.  He was all excited when he heard about the Whole30.  Most likely since he had such success on Paleo several years back.  I’m sure it also had to with getting me to eat new things.  He’s been having a blast trying new things.  Meals have included all sorts of colors of peppers this week.  He even got me to try the cauliflower rice.  Honestly I think it would be better in broth but it was still edible.

I really could have used my hot chocolate this morning.  The walk from the train station to the office was cold.  Although, this evening I was really cold.  Unexpected 20 minute wait for the train due to the fabulously reliable Dallas trains having switching problems.  It was also doughnut day at the office.  Fortunately it’s an every Friday occurrence so could plan to be far from the break room.

Tonight we went to Raider’s of the Lost Ark concert at the Dallas Symphony’.  The show was very nice and we had fun.  Probably a good idea that we get out of the apartment.  I’m pretty certain staying home on a chilly Friday night would have led to poor food choices.  Typically our Friday night “date night” is a trip to Wal-Mart for groceries.  We’ve saved that for tomorrow.  We did review recipes tonight and put together our shopping list.  Just for the record we’re now expanding our “date night” shopping trip from just Wal-Mart.  Yep, Whole Foods has made the agenda.  It’s the only place we could find compliant sausage for our breakfast.

If your considering trying the Whole30 program it’s really not bad.  I would read the website to become familiar with the rules and what you can and can’t have.  Lot’s of deep breaths are helpful when reading the forbidden list.  Trust me here.  Look through all the recipes and pick a few.  It does take planning and preparation, but it’s worth it.  Whole30 Day5 found us both feeling better and having more energy.

It’s not a diet but a way of eating.  That does make me a bit nervous.  What if we don’t lose any weight?  Ugh, what if we gain!  Man I miss my scale.

Whole30 Day5 is a wrap.  Wish us luck over the weekend!

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