Whole30 Survival helped by Indiana Jones

Whole30 Survival Day 5

Whole30 Survival Day 5 Helped by Indiana Jones

Made it thru Day 5! Whole30 survival doesn’t seem that bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve done the Paleo diet before? Today I felt really good. I was focused at work and had plenty of energy. I started the day with 2 eggs and spicy Italian sausage. Dropped my lovely wife Teri, who is blogging her own journey here, at the train station and headed to work. Had another great Whole30 compliant lunch of Chicken and carrots. Then it’s back to the house to pick up Teri so we can eat and head to the symphony. Dinner consists of ground pork sautéed with garlic, onion, yellow and green peppers and a side of green beans.

There is a little time before leaving for the Symphony so we start looking at recipes for next week. We are thinking a ham with fresh pineapple and an interesting sounding sweet potato apple sauce blend. It’s just cooked apples with no sugar and mashed sweet potatoes. I’ll probably add a little ghee, cinnamon and cardamom. I do love to experiment with flavors.

Teri said I was experiment on her. I say I am experimenting with her. Well…okay maybe it’s a bit of experimentation on her.  😉

The grocery list is ready so we dash out the door to the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas for DSO’s presentation of Indiana Jones. They play the movie on the big screen while the orchestra plays the score live. The musicians and the conductor did an amazing job! There was a standing ovation after the credits finished rolling and the orchestra plays the last note.

Overall, a really great Day 5. My Whole30 survival is going well. Next week is shaping up to be awesome! Tomorrow will be a challenge since the dojo Halloween party is right before the adult class. There will be tons of non-compliant

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