Whole30 Day 7

Whole30 Day7

A quiet evening at home watching movies on Netflix seemed to have helped us catch up on rest.  Sleeping in prior to going for our walk didn’t hurt either.  Still not as energetic as Thursday and Friday, but much better than yesterday.  Definitely not fit to climb to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu.

We took it easy today.  Went for a couple of walks.  Took a road trip to Roanoke, TX to check out the new Tanger Outlet mall.  Wow, everybody must have had the same idea.  Traffic only goes in one direction around the mall.  Should prove interesting around the holidays.   It’s an outdoor mall so we gained some additional steps on our fit bit.

What’s the problem with walking around a mall?  Fresh smells from the Great American Cookie Company and Auntie Anne’s pretzels.   We avoided them but wow did they smell good!

Today was another day of preparing food for the week.  Today we tried making Greek Meatballs without the sauce and Pork Roast. Both turned out pretty good – I preferred the pork roast.  The meatballs need a little something.  We had picked up some pork belly and had it sliced to see if that would replace our craving for bacon.  Hmm, no.  It did have a good taste.  The flavor reminded you of pork chops rather than bacon.  We also made some more applesauce for the week.  We went a bit overboard.  With everything we have in the refrigerator we could feed an army.

For dinner we threw some of the left over ground turkey from the meatballs in with a bunch of vegetables.  For flavor we added the coconut aminos.  Actually they gave it a great flavor.  I was rather surprised.

Whole30 Day7 has left us a bit tired and sadly it’s not quite 7 pm.  Too bad we can’t start each week like we do on a cruise, with a drink.

We are in the home stretch tow rap up week 1.  Overall it’s been fine.  There’s been some whining here and there but we’ve stuck to the program.  A major accomplishment.

Here’s to starting week 2 tomorrow!  Farewell Whole30 Day7.

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