Whole30 Dragging Day 6

Whole30 Dragging Day 6

I’m not sure why, but the day started good, but by 1100 I was so tired. Whole30 dragging all day on day 6. We got up and walked. Then stopped by Whole Foods to get more Italian sausage. Added in some sliced pork belly to try as bacon. Film at 11. 🙂

I was so draggy that I did not finish this post. So it’s a bit late.  Getting up was easy. So was heading out the door to walk and then back home for breakfast. So far I’m doing okay. Headed to the dojo to work out and there is where the Whole30 dragging feeling started. Warmups were okay, but I was feeling them more than usual. Fortunately the rest of class was mostly drills and reviewing some familiar techniques, but with a twist,

Post workout and dinner!

My lovely wife returned from her Wal-Mart run to pick me up and then it was back home to start meal prep for the next week. She had already found recipes that she might eat. You can read more about her day here. She found a great recipe using the Riced Cauliflower. It’s a chopped vegetable and pulled chicken casserole.

The recipe title was Buffalo Chicken Casserole. We had no Buffalo sauce or chicken in the house, so we used some spicy tomatoes and ground turkey. It turned out just fine, but a bit bland. I fixed that by adding a little sprinkle of red pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Mmmmm Esta muy bueno.

Once we completed dinner and everything cleaned up and put away, we finished our walk for the day. Our goal is to get in 15,000 steps every day. Some days it is harder than others. After the walk we settled in and watched a movie. We were both dragging. Even being tired, we stuck to our Whole30 plan. We are looking forward to another week.


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