Whole30 Week 1

Whole30 Week 1 is Done! Day 7

Whole30 Week 1 is Done!

Today was much better than yesterday. Whole30 Week 1 is done!

We got up ate one of the breakfast egg casseroles made in a muffin tin. We walked 5000 steps a. Then stopped by Whole Foods to get even more Italian sausage. Came home and cooked the Italian sausage and fried up the pork belly. So pork belly sliced thin, does not quite replace bacon. It tastes more like an ultra thin pork chop. It has a good flavor, just a little weird when you are expecting bacon. But at least it’s Whole30 compliant.

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I guess its’ time to research how to make my bacon. I’ll report back on this later. I’m definitely learning more about healthy cooking and eating. The journey continues. Learning about ourselves, new recipes and how Whole30 is helping us change our habits.

I still miss pancakes, but they are gone. Pancakes are not allowed on Whole30.  I know Teri is missing her Pepsi and fresh bread.

Prep for Week 2

Since Whole30 Week 1 is complete, it’s time to get ready for week 2. The menu this week consists of pork roast with apples, potatoes and onions. Greek meatballs are on the menu for lunch. We also made our own sugar-free applesauce. Part of this went to sweeten some mashed sweet potatoes. Breakfast consists of Italian sausage and eggs or the breakfast egg casserole muffins.

We are both looking forward to week 2. No, really. There are new recipes and new energy to which we are looking forward. I am looking for some new vegetables and new ways to prepare our old favorites. Things like butternut squash and pumpkin soup will show up on the menu in the near future. A big part for me is keeping a positive attitude and the new recipes. I love cooking, especially for my favorite girl.

Watch out week 2, here we come!

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