Whole30 Day8

Whole30 Day8

Today actually was pretty good.  We learned that the pork belly does NOT reheat well.  Rather chewy.  The home made applesauce, just boiled apples with cinnamon actually was good heated up this morning.

Have we noticed any changes after a week?  Maybe, our cravings seem less and possibly our pants are fitting looser.  Fingers crossed we have a good weight loss at the end of the journey.

The Whole30 has taken grocery shopping to an entirely different level.  First off, we’re no longer just shopping at Wal-Mart for our groceries.  Now our weekly outing includes Whole Foods and occasionally Sprouts or Central Market.   Second, we’re spending more time looking for the ingredients.   Honesty who knew grocery items such as coconut aminos, cauliflower rice or ghee even existed?

Whole Foods

“We’re in heaven” – Shawn’s thoughts photo from wholefoods.com

We’re also learning more about each other.  His reaction to walking into Whole Foods is, wow this is great.  Look at all this cool stuff.  Mine on the other hand is you know I don’t eat this stuff!  And yes after reading his blog yesterday I vetoed the butternut squash idea.  Really did he think he was going to sneak that into the cart without a protest!  If you’re ever lacking for entertainment you should shop with us.  I’m lucky he’s so patient and loves a challenge.

Teri's Motto

Teri’s Motto – from pinterest.com

It’s Whole30 Day8 and Our budget hasn’t noticed too big off change since we have skipped eating out.  We figured until we had some experience on the program and some will-power better just to avoid eating out.  Saturday will be my first test as I have a lunch date with my son.  I’ll need to research restaurants since Christina’s, the local Tex-Mex restaurant is our usual go to.  If anyone has ideas I’m open to suggestions.

Oh, one last note.  The pork roast with apples, onions and potatoes was delicious at dinner.  We’re still playing with what time to eat dinner since snacking is no longer an option.  So that really makes Whole30 Day8 a wrap.

Until tomorrow!


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