Week30 Toe the Line Day 9

Whole30 Toe The Line Day 9

Whole30 Toe The Line Day 9

Maybe it’s easier if you only have two toes? Doing well this week. It’s time for Whole30 Toe The Line.  Keep on keepin’ on. Don’t give in. We can do it! Today got off to decent start. Had my 2 eggs and sausage while Teri had her sausage. She doesn’t do eggs except for a fritata, a quiche or the like.

When I got to work, it was coffee time and off to the races, metaphorically. Work kept me busy until lunch. Had the Greek meatballs, some home-made ketchup and a lovely sweet potato applesauce mash. Even though, the meatballs were on the bland side, I kept tasting them all afternoon.

Whole30 toe the line day 9

sugar Sugar SUGAR

Company leadership came around in the afternoon dropping sugar bombs o everyone’s desk. While better than the usual bombs they drop, I promptly gave mine away before temptation could take root. I really have a limited craving for sugar after being Whole30 for 9 days.

Of course it didn’t stop there. There was a big Halloween costume contest and more cookies, candy and junk food. I avoided the contest. I was still full from lunch so that helped reduce the temptation or desire to snack.

So far so good with Whole30 toe the line.

Still have to Whole30 toe the line

We are almost in double digits. Can’t quit now! Do not let up. Keep up the momentum. Double digits here we come. Of course the Whole30 forums talk about how one is most likely to abandon the process on Day 10 or 11.

Must. Power. Through. I think I’m doing fine. Teri says it depends on the moment for her. Most of the time she is good. Other times, well thoughts chucking the Whole30 diet and going back to our old eating habits take over. We used to snack a lot during the day and evening. Peanut butter crackers during the day. Popcorn and pretzels at night. Not all the time, but often enough.

I hope to learn what things we eat have a negative effect on our day-to-day lives. I guess we find out in 21 more days.

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