Whole30 halfway

Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Week one is behind us and Day 8 dawns as Whole30 week 2 begins. The day begins much like the others. Eggs and sausage for me. Teri takes the remaining pseudo bacon and applesauce. Please checkout her journey here. My energy level and focus is on the upswing. Work passes quickly and lunch is turkey stir fry. How do you make stir fry with no soy sauce? Coconut aminos. Never heard of them before. Me either.

More New Things as Whole30 Week 2 Begins

Whole30 week 2 beginsAs Whole30 week 2 begins, more new discoveries dawn. Stir fry with coconut aminos is good. It just tastes different from soy sauce. Dinner is pork roast with onions, potatoes and apples. Seasoning leans toward the Middle East with coriander, salt and cumin. The roast turned out very moist and flavorful.

Definitely another keeper recipe. The Greek meatballs, not so much. They turned out a little on the bland side. Personally I think they would be okay with nice tzatziki sauce, but there is NO DAIRY in Whole30.  C’est la vie.

Better Eating Habits

So far self-discipline is maintaining our continued development of good habits. There is the reason of knowing that the other person will know if we cheated. Starting over at day  is NOT an option. We’ve made it one week and there are only 3 weeks left! That doesn’t sound as bad as 22 days.

As time keeps ticking away, our 30 day goal gets closer. We support each other and that helps a bit. It is part knowing that you have partner watching out for you and part knowing they will laugh when you have to go back to Day 1 while they keep moving a lot.

Being helpful  is a great trait. Helping someone to reach a goal, even if it is just a day at time, is a worthy feat.

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