Whole30 Day10

Whole30 Day10

Do you see that?  10 – yes, we’ve successfully hit double digits!  Just two-thirds more to go.  Ahhh, progress.  I spent the train ride in this morning researching dining out options.  The Whole30 website is full of information.  If you are considering the program you can find great  dining out tips here.

Today I’m feeling much better.  Not sure what happened yesterday.  Nothing in particular, just a bunch of small things.  Definitely the snowball effect.  Guess I was a bit doom and gloom.  Received a note from Shawn’s best friend this morning.  He just wanted me to know that  “All those yucky things are good for you”.

Home photo

Things are looking up!

I’ve added a few exercises to our daily routine.  We strive to walk 10,000 steps each day.  Really not sure how I lived without my fitbit!  Shawn’s fitbit arrived in the mail today.  He’s quite competitive so this could get interesting.  New this wee are ab exercises, weight lifting for my arms and some pilates exercises to help tone the legs.  Needless to say my stomach is sore and my legs ache.  Why aren’t my arms sore?  Due to a rotator cuff injury earlier this year I’m limited to 7 pounds.  I lift more than the 5 pound dumb bells we have just lifting things around the house.

Trip photo

Kitchen Entrance

It’s Whole30 Day10 and I still think we need the above sign for in our kitchen entrance.  Habit calls you into the kitchen several times an evening. Not for anything in particular, just looking.  Before starting The Whole30 we would make popcorn or some other “healthy” snack.  Usually it’s opening and closing the refrigerator door praying that something other than water will be there.

I must admit this has been an enlightening journey to date.  If you see us in the grocery store I’m sure you’ll laugh.  One of us is usually looking at the label and the other scanning The Whole30 website to ensure all the ingredients are compliant.  Who knew there were so many hidden forms of sugar or grains!

So Whole30 Day10 closes quietly and without any issues.  I feel like we’re starting to get more familiar with the program and that it’s getting easier.  Don’t go quoting me on that yet!

Bring on Day11!

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