Whole30 Day11

Whole30 Day11

Whew, almost Friday!   Looking back, the meal preparation we did last weekend facilitated a good week for both of us.   I have grown tired of Italian sausage for breakfast as the week progresses.  Finding a breakfast on program AND that I will eat will be a good challenge for my sweetheart next week.

For dinner we had the last of the pork roast.  The baked buffalo chicken casserole has a great flavor after adding some tomatoes and jalapenos in with it.  Switching between the casserole and the turkey vegetable stir fry made for great lunches.  Yes, Shawn took one for the team continued eating the Greek Meatballs for lunch.  I also dropped the sweet potato and applesauce mash. It was okay the first day but I got tired of it quickly.  I really don’t care for sweet potatoes.  Unfortunately, Shawn loves them and we had baked sweet potatoes with ghee and cinnamon as our vegetable tonight.

Many folks have asked me how I’m surviving.  Definitely not my usual potato chip, pretzel, lunch meat diet.  Honestly, some days are better than others.  For instance, occasionally I can tolerate the sweet potato recipes.  Other days I literally have to work to choke them down.  Shawn’s lucky I grew up in a house where you had to try what was served.

Whole30 Day 11 and Shawn is still hopeful that I will eat salad.  The following is my idea of a great salad:

Definition of a proper salad

The water thing (yes I’ve reduced it to a “THING”) has gotten old. Really old.

Gone are the days of chocolate milk, orange juice and Pepsi.  Unsweetened tea just doesn’t quench your thirst.  One of us is ready for Day 31.

Have we lost weight?  Sadly, probably not.  Although you can’t really be sure.  Shawn’s looking good while my pants seem to be getting tighter.

Shawn’s Mantra… from pinterest.com

Ideas for recipes?  The search for next week’s recipes has started.  This weekend is rather busy and we hope to carve out time to prepare our meals.

Have a good evening and a great Friday.


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