Whole30 nearly halfway

Whole30 Nearly Halfway Day 11

Whole30 Nearly Halfway

As we move on down the road, let’s check to see how we are doing. Ok, so maybe Day 11 Whole30 Nearly Halfway is a bit off. But I’m ready for downhill slide into Day 30. Started with a walk and our normal breakfast. I had my eggs and sausage. Teri just had sausage. Dropped her at the train station and headed to work. Energy and focus are good. Many things keep me busy at work and suddenly it’s lunch time. Yes, its Greek meatballs and sweet potato applesauce mash again. Fortunately, I don’t mind eating the same thing many times in a row. Growing up with a simple diet helps

Work ends and I dash home to change before picking up Teri at the train station. Just make it home and unload my lunch bag and I get the text she is at the midway point. That’s my cue to leave. Make the pickup and head home for dinner. Whole roasted sweet potatoes with Ghee and cinnamon. I snuck in a small dash of cardamom for extra flavor. Off to the dojo where Teri drops me and heads to meet a friend. Then back home to make more applesauce.

Ok it’s not quite Whole30 nearly halfway

Alright, yes I know there 19 days left. If any of the recipes I’ve mentioned along the way interest you, please leave a comment and I’ll put together a recipe article.

Still having temptations. When I ran to Walmart at lunch to get apples and cinnamon, I saw all the chips and candy. I did not have bad cravings, but I did notice them. Oh and cheese. I really miss cheese. Maybe that’s why I keep telling myself, you are almost halfway there.

It will come soon enough. As the wise sage once said, “This too shall pass.”

Would love to hear your thoughts on any diets that you have tried.

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