Whole30 Day12

Whole30 Day12

What happened to the nice weather?  Today was cool and rather dreary out.

Today marks the end of our second work week on the program.  Shawn was kind enough to point out that Whole30 Day 12 is not really the end of our second week.  He’s lucky I’m not grumpy today.

Our dishwasher is getting a workout from all the lunch containers.  We each end up taking a main dish and then a vegetable and a healthy snack.  Shawn’s ecstatic that today was the last of the Greek meatballs.

How do you like your baked potato?  Typically I have some butter loaded with cheese and chives.  Not tonight, not on The Whole3o program.  I must confess the baked potato with ghee and chives is rather good.  And only two weeks ago ghee was new to my vocabulary.

Grocery shopping accomplished.  Tackling it this evening relieves the stress while enjoying the activities we have planned this weekend.  The plan for next week is to have stuffed peppers – using cauliflower rices instead of brown rice.  If only my parents could see me now!  Pork chops and homemade applesauce also made the list.  We have enough chicken to complete two unique recipes to keep lunches interesting next week.  Go ahead, read between the lines.  Two unique recipes helps ensure I have something to eat for lunch.

We actually planned before we left tonight, but still we found ourselves referring to  Whole30.com to check ingredients for compliance.  Not quite as often, but wow so many foods have odd things added that you wouldn’t believe.

Whole30 Day12 Survival Manual

Survival manual
from clipart-library.com

Looking back, we are feeling better.  Both of us seem to have more energy and less aches and pains.  The last couple of days neither of us have been starving and we’re feeling more relaxed about not “falling off the wagon”.

According to the Whole30 timeline we past the stage where many lose hope and quit.  Today marks the time of “boundless energy and your pants fitting again”.  So I do have more energy today although as little energy as I had anything would be an improvement.  But hang-on, the Day12 article warns “This is the part of the program where our minds try to drive us back to the comfort of the foods we used to know.”  Really, for the next four days my brain is going to try and sabotage the effort.  Guess we’ll have to buckle down and stay focused.

Food preparation is key

Food preparation is key.
from clipart-library.com

Well folks, it’s Friday night and to conclude Whole30 Day12 we’re going to watch movies!  No worries, not popcorn or cold alcoholic drinks, darn.

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