Whole30 Friday Day 12

Whole30 Friday Day 12

Whole30 Friday!

We made it to the weekend where challenges await. Teri and I are going to Six Flags for a company event and they are serving dinner. Well not really, they are giving you a meal pass. Anyone want to take odds on whether or not we find anything in the park that is Whole30 compliant? Yeah, me neither. Whole30 Friday wraps up day 12! So, you know the drill. Breakfast, lunch  and dinner with a little work thrown in because we have to support our bad habits like eating and sleeping under a roof.

Overall a good week. Time to search for new Whole30 recipes and hit the store for some groceries. We found this nice collection at Real Food with Dana. Definitely worth a look and she has some great Paleo stuff too.

It’s all about planning and preparation

Walking, workout at the dojo and food prep are on the agenda for tomorrow. Should be enough activity to keep us out of trouble. The trip to Six Flags will be interesting. We are planning on eating well right before we leave and pack a cooler with some Whole30 compliant food to leave in the car.

Whole30 Friday wraps up a great week

It has been a great run this week. Several new recipes. Some keepers and some not. Good workouts, walks and energy levels. My ability to focus was good. One big thing I noticed was that my finger joints did not ache as much or as often as normal. Between working on the computer all day and punching people in Kenpo, it can take a toll on the joints. This is the best my fingers have felt in a long time.

We made it over the Day 10/11 hump where Whole30 says its most likely to quit here. Just have to keep on keepin’ on and take it one day at a time.

What are your thoughts on Whole30, Dieting or health in general?

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