Whole30 Day13

Whole30 Day13

Our second weekend is underway.  A 10,000 step walk around our neighborhood gave us a good jump start to the day.  Shawn went to Kenpo while I went shopping and met our oldest son for lunch.

Whole30 Day13 Walk

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Carrying ghee into a restaurant seemed weird but no one seemed to care.  Outback was very accommodating.  No butter on the steak, potato or steamed vegetables.  Added some ghee and chives to the potato and lunch was really tasty.  Matt had the grass-feed burger with aged cheddar.  It was all I could do not to have a taste!

Found an article on  mistakes and how to avoid them on the Whole30 website.  Good points to review as we head into the halfway point.

Late this afternoon and evening was left for meal preparation and laundry.  New arrivals to our pantry this week include – fresh mango, fresh pineapple and almond flour.  The almond flour and some spices (Shawn says it’s just better if I don’t ask) made for a great coating to the chicken.  Made for a flavorful dinner.

With the remainder of the chicken Shawn improvised from the sage chicken recipe from the first week.   He’s usually good about following the recipe the first time he cooks it but then all bets are off.

For breakfast Shawn’s preparing thin sliced pork chops.  Mango, pineapple, purple onion salsa will coat the one batch.  The other batch will be apples and onions.  Should make interesting breakfasts this week.

Currently the aroma of apples boiling along with cinnamon fill the apartment.  Need to restock our supply of homemade applesauce for the week.

For Whole30 Day13 our pantry welcomed the arrival of a new set of pyrex containers.  Amazing how many you need to store the different food types and chopped fresh fruit.  Not sure the refrigerator understands what is going on.  The same goes for the dishwasher.  We sure go through more dishes during our meal preparation than ever before.

Monday night after work I’ll prepare the stuffed peppers.  The cauliflower rice is proving to be a food filler in meals.

We successfully navigated another Saturday on plan and Whole30 Day13 is pretty much done.

Tomorrow we’re off to Six Flags!

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