Whole30 Day14

Whole30 Day14

Today we enjoyed sleeping in and taking our time getting ready.  We took a slow stroll down to the water fall at the end of our street.  It was nice to watch all the ducks playing and fishing.  The kids arrived before 10:30 – they were excited to be going to Six Flags for the day.  Shawn and I packed our cooler so Whole30 Day14 would not end in disaster.

Our 15,000 step goal was reached shortly before leaving the park late this afternoon.  We rode several of the tamer roller coasters and all the water rides.  Shawn and the kids braved the Texas Giant and The Titan.

Whole30 Day14 at the park

A day at Six Flags

Each of us received a meal ticket with our park entrance ticket.  The kids spent their first ticket on BBQ.  We chose to ride the train around the park while they ate.  Unfortunately, they picked up Nachos just before leaving – man they looked good.  They assured us they tasted great.

Whole30 Day14

Nachos.. Mmmmmm

So what did we find to use our meal tickets on?  Water.  We each got a bottle of water.  They had Turkey Legs but that just didn’t seem healthy.  We planned to stay clear of the funnel cake area but they had booths everywhere.   Funnel cakes are such a park tradition.

Shawn and I took a break and walked back out to the car for lunch.  It was a nice break to sit in the air conditioned car.   Cold slices of turkey and water.  Sounds like we’re in prison – except no bread!

We rode all the rides, and then some, that we had planned to ride so called it a day.  The kids had picked up the map as we entered the park and planned their attack.  It was great since the park was only open to the company’s employees and family members.  Lines were short if existent and you could ride a many times as you wanted.

Need to go fix dinner and then call it an evening.  We’re all beat after a day out in the sun.  All in all Whole30 Day14 was quite enjoyable.

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