NOT whole30 week 2 day 14 compliant

Whole30 Week 2 Day 14

Whole30 Week 2 Day 14

We made it to Whole30 Week 2 Day 14! Tomorrow marks the halfway point! The started with a short walk and then breakfast. I had a pork chop with mango and pineapple salsa with two eggs. Teri had a pork chop with apples and onion. And then the challenge begins.

We headed out to Six Flags for the day. We did plan. The first step was to eat right before we left. Check. The second was to pack a cooler with water and deli meat for a snack. We found some Whole30 compliant turkey. No sugar, no preservatives.  As we wandered the park, challenges were literally at every turn. Funnel cakes, fries, hamburgers, nachos, funnel cakes, fudge shops, oh and did I mention funnel cakes?

There is very little in the park to eat if you are on Whole30 or Paleo. We looked. There was Panda Express (only the steamed veggies) and maybe the turkey leg places, but we didn’t check those for ingredients. I really didn’t want to know how they baste the turkey legs.I really don’t think amusement parks want you to eat healthy.

Whole30 Week 2 Day 14  Success!

We made it out of the park with no infractions! Day 15 awaits.

So overall, Whole30 Week 2 Day 14 was not that bad. Now we start the second half. I’m really looking forward to the results.

Back home we begin the prep of the new week. Packing lunches from the meals we cooked yesterday. We decided we needed some stuffed peppers this week. A little ground beef, tomato, onion, garlic, salt and of course cauliflower rice. We will not go hungry this week.

I’m sure the challenges are not over. Someone at work will bring donuts, bagels or breakfast burritos. Having your lunch already prepared and starting each day with a good breakfast have really helped to manage any cravings.

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