Whole30 Day15

Whole30 Day15

Whole30 Day15

Over the Hump!

Today marks the middle of our journey – Whole30 Day15.  How fitting to feature the humpback bridge from Allegheny County, VA.  The bridge was a great find on a road trip a few years back.  An artist added the LOVE out of different materials.  Quite fitting since I’m doing the challenge with my soulmate.

A few extra minutes of shut eye took the place of our 45 minute morning walk.  The weather here was cool and windy today.  I did manage to get my walk in.  A quick walk home in the brisk weather after work.

Starting week three and we both are feeling more comfortable with the program.  Cravings are less frequent and we have the house stocked with healthy alternatives.  The key is really to plan your meals, shop for compliant ingredients and prepare, prepare, prepare.

Looking back from Whole30 Day15 to where we began, another key lesson is variety.  Bless his heart, Shawn really could eat the same thing day in and day out.  However, if I ate it for lunch, it’s not what I want for dinner.  Four to five days in a row for lunch and I need a change of pace.  To keep the program easy during week one we kept it simple and repeated the same breakfast everyday, same lunch, same dinner.  Blah, blah, blah.

For those of you considering The Whole30 program, please don’t do what we did for week two.  We overcompensated and went wild cooking and preparing new recipes.  We had lots of fun and tried new ingredients.  However, the entire weekend was spent preparing meals.  I loved the variety, and Shawn enjoyed creating all the new recipes.  But, all that preparation left us exhausted.

Exercise continues to be hit or miss.  Our key concern is eating per the program and improving our healthy habits.  At least exercise has started crossing our minds and we’re looking for ways to begin incorporating it into our lives.

Whole30 Day15 means we are now for the down hill portion of our journey!

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