Whole30 halfway

Whole30 Halfway Day 15

Whole30 Halfway!

Whole30 Halfway Day 15 time to celebrate! Woot!

Why is it that we (Americans) associate celebration with food? Weddings and birthdays have cake. Going to ballgames hot dogs, cotton candy and soda abound. New hires and retirees have a lunch. Anyone trying to eat healthy has the deck stacked against them.

Whole30 Halfway Challenges

Life always has challenges

Since we made it to Whole30 Halfway, we are NOT starting over at Day 1. Failure is not an option. I keep telling this to myself as candy and breakfast taquitos show up at the office. Ah, but life is boring without a challenge now and then to break up the monotony.

In case you are joining the journey mid-stream, you can find the first article about our Whole30 journey here.

Whole30 Halfway Meals

Breakfast this week is pork chops and eggs. A mango and pineapple salsa covers the chops. While they are warming, two eggs go in a hot skillet with Ghee and pepper. Sometimes they get scrambled, other times over easy and occasionally some onions, garlic and peppers get sautéed and it turns into an omlet.

Lunch is another batch of the Creamy Coconut Milk Sage Chicken and the spicy cauliflower rice that Teri made. Dinner is stuffed peppers. The peppers are stuffed with spicy cauliflower rice and beef. Mmmmm.


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