Whole30 Day16

Whole30 Day16

Whole30 Day 16

Whole30 Day 16 Complete

Whole30 Day16 started with a long walk in the dark and cold.  We both knew that after work we wouldn’t feel like walking.  Walking in the morning before work does kick start our step count and day. Our current goal is 15,000 steps per day.  Who thought it was a good idea to get Shawn a fitbit?

Work was busy for both of us and soon we were home fixing dinner.  The stuffed peppers are getting spicier as the week goes on.  Dinner conversation soon turned to recipes for next week.  Trust me, we never talked about food and grocery shopping like we do now.

There’s a few items we will continue to use after The Whole30 program is over.  Cauliflower rice was a terrific find.  Ironic that Wal-Mart had it on the end of a freezer aisle the week we started.  It really does taste like rice in the different recipes we’ve tried.  Trust me, if I eat it most anyone will like it.  Another item is the almond flour, which didn’t taste nutty when used to “bread” our chicken this week.  The jury is still out on the coconut milk.  It’s fine, but depending on the recipe leaves an odd taste in your mouth.  My perspective, Mr. Eat Anything has liked everything other than the Greek Meatball recipe.

With the cooler weather we’re looking for comfort recipes that we can tailor to be Whole30 compliant.  It was easy to modify the stuffed peppers.  Everything was compliant except the rice which we substituted with cauliflower rice.  Presto – compliant recipe!   Next week we are considering making chicken and vegetable stir fry for lunch.  Not a problem now that we have the coconut aminos.   Meatloaf.  Shawn would like to try meatloaf.  Hmm, guess I need to start researching recipes.  Being that we are at Whole30 Day16 we are NOT goofing up and starting over at day 1.

So how are we really doing now that it’s Whole30 Day16?  Really well.  We both seem to have adjusted to not eating sugar, dairy, grains and legumes.   For the most part we both have energy, although it comes and goes depending on the day.  Amazing how much we depended on sugar “fixes” to get us through the day.

Shawn’s already talking that redoing the Whole30 program would be a good idea once or twice a year.  Being that it’s day 16 I’m feeling more confident that a repeat in a few months would be just fine.



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