Whole30 Day17

Whole30 Day17

Whole30 Day17

We need a road trip!

What a cold and rainy day.  Days like today remind me how much I miss having hot cocoa in the morning.  And then again after lunch.  And well maybe in the evening as I finish a few chores and catch up on some emails.

According to the Whole30 timeline Whole30 Day17 is where you have “Tiger Blood”. I can’t say that energy is “through the roof” or that workout intensities have increased.  Ok, other than walking we’ve been lacking additional workouts altogether.  Last week I didn’t miss a night of ab and weight exercises.  I think a good bit has to do with the weather.  The time change makes it seem like you get home later in the day.  Odd how light plays that trick on our minds.

Surprisingly,  I haven’t thought of or craved a Pepsi in several days.  The only reason I even thought of Pepsi tonight is due to 7-11.  Yep, my go to location to get my daily Big Gulp sent me a coupon for a free Big Gulp or a bag of chips.

This weekend Shawn and I are going to a Christian marriage enrichment conference.  Meals are NOT provided.  When we registered we were a bit disappointed to find out we were on our own for meals.  However, not that we’re on Whole30 Day17 we’re thinking this is a blessing.  We can take items and keep in the refrigerator.  We can select restaurants that have Whole30 compliant options.

Whole30 Day17

Walking around town food!

We’re both itching for a weekend road trip.  Fortunately, we’ve had other commitments since starting Whole30 so we’ve avoided the junk food associated with our drives.  Typically we pack peanut butter, crackers and snack on chips while drinking soda.  We do manage to take a few hikes and lots of photographs, but unfortunately we consume a lot of junk food.  We both grew up in families where long car trips were common as well as snacking along the route.  Guess we need to start working on alternatives for car food.  A habit we have yet to face!

Whole30 Day17 Road Trip Stop!

Road Trip Stop!

We’ll see what my research discovers for better road trip food.

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