Whole30 Home Stretch

Whole30 Home Stretch Day 16

Whole30 Home Stretch

Woo hoo! We are on the Whole30 Home Stretch! Day 16! Over the hump! Okay I get it, there are still 14 more days, 2 weeks, half a month left on our Whole30 sojourn. Eating and drinking without sugar, dairy, wheats and grains has started becoming the norm. A new habit is forming.

Do I expect to eat like this forever? Absolutely not. What I do home to achieve is to better understand things that my body doesn’t deal with well and cut back on those. Or maybe even cut some of them out completely. Time will tell. It is interesting that I stopped taking my Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my joints and my fingers have felt less achy and stiff. It does seem that something in my old regular diet was contributing to inflammation.

Whole30 Home Stretch Day 16 Eating

Over the weekend we prepared our eating plan for the week ahead. More of the Creamy Coconut Sage Chicken was at the top of the menu. We added pork chops with a mango and pineapple salsa as well as a batch with apple and onion. Teri cooked some amazing stuffed peppers using ground beef and cauliflower rice. It is amazing!

Preparing all the food ahead of time has helped keep us on our Whole30 Home Stretch eating plan. So I really believe preparation is key to your success should you choose to join us in the journey to better health. If you do, I would love to hear about your efforts. Like the photo above says:

Hope is not a strategy. Planning ahead is. Click To Tweet

Have a great rest of your week and check back in soon. Please leave a comment, a thought or an encouraging word. Maybe even a question or two. Keep the conversation alive. Whatever your journey is and wherever it takes you, I would love to hear about it.

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