Whole30 Day18

Whole30 Day18

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What do you do when you’re stressed?  Me?  I typically grab a Pepsi or Mountain Dew.   A bag of kettle barbecue chips or pretzels and peanut butter.  Oh, and in the evening for dinner a pizza with another Pepsi and then thin mint girl scout cookies.  Yes, girl scouts love me.  Seriously.  I’m that person that buys a case of thin mints so I have a box each month of the year.  Sadly, some months I plow through them on day 1.

Whole30 Day 18 wasn’t bad.  Work was just one fire drill after another. Nothing seemed to be getting done.  I so wanted to run to 7-11 and have my normal stress break.  But, I knew Shawn was behaving and I refuse to start over at day1 while he successfully completed Whole30 Day18!

Can you tell we’re somewhat competitive?  Ironically, when we were dating he said he wasn’t a real competitive person.  Ha, maybe he lacks knowledge of the definition.

We had a mix of leftovers for dinner.  Broccoli, potatoes and pork chops.  I must admit that meal prep is getting easier as we go.  The key really is not to think about everything you can’t have.  Instead we continue to look for ways to create meals with Whole30 compliant ingredients?

Tonight I need to get serious about finding recipes for next week.  Grocery shopping is top of my to do list tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow afternoon we have appointments before we head off to our marriage enrichment weekend.   As part of the weekend program you’re to have a date night Saturday night.  Hmm, this ought to prove interesting.  And no alcohol or dessert!  I’ll need a date night redo after the Whole30 program completes.

For anyone considering the Whole30 program, there really isn’t a good or bad time to start.  There’s always going to be excuses as to why now isn’t the best time.  Shawn asked me the other night why I decided to jump on the program with friends so quickly.  I knew if I really thought about it I could take myself out of it.

So glad we chose to start the Whole30 program.  Eating healthy is slowly becoming an integral part of lives.

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