Whole30 Day20&21

Whole30 Day20&21

Weekend to Remember

Much needed spiritual and marriage check-up

Shawn and I crushed Whole30 Day20&21!  The chocolate fountain Friday night hard to pass by, but we did!  The Weekend to Remember “Get Away to Come Together” event was just what we needed.  We had time to talk, plan and work on our spiritual wellness.

Date night on Whole30, is it possible?  Yes, yes it is.  It takes more preparation than – hey what do you feel like eating tonight, but it’s possible.  Shawn did all the research and found that Ghengis Grill met our needs.  Selecting one or more proteins and then piling on as many vegetables as you could fit in the bowl was rather fun.  The cook needed to be reassured that no rice or noodles were to be added, but it was great.  Shawn even packed our bottle of coconut aminos for the cook to use.

For breakfast we had packed sliced turkey and homemade applesauce.  We’re really getting the hang of the program.  Although, we have started looking ahead to Day 31.  How should we approach adding other foods back into our diet?  Shawn has really noticed a difference with his joints.  Hmm, the offender had better not be the homemade bread we love to bake.

Slow and methodical is our plan for reintroducing foods.  With Thanksgiving being Day 32 we are adding back bread.  I really want to enjoy stuffing with our meal.  The holiday will be especially challenging since will most likely be on the road.

Whole30 Day20&21 find us both with energy and excitement about our healthy decisions.  Shawn is having great fun playing with the spiralizer we picked up Friday night.

Whole30 Day20&21 Ready to Weigh

But I’m ready to weigh…..

Yes, a week from this coming Wednesday we get to weigh.  There will either be shouts of joy or tears of disappointment.  You can really tell Shawn’s been losing weight.  His clothes are fitting better and his love handles have pretty much disappeared.  My pants are still rather tight – I think Shawn shrunk them when he did laundry.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it until we actually weigh.


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