Whole30 Keep Going Day 17-21 and Marriage

Whole30 Keep Going

Yes, I’m behind. Some of it’s due to work. A bit is due to cooking and this weekend I spent an amazing time with lovely bride at a FamilyLife Marriage conference. More on the conference later. I just need Whole30 Keep Going!

Whole30 Keeping GoingSo far it’s been a great journey. No crazy cravings, only one or two interesting dreams about food (of course the stuff we can’t eat.) The more we learn about the Whole30 diet, the more I think some of the foods are definitely contributing to my joint inflammation. My fingers especially have been so much better, even in the morning.

It’s really interesting that what can cause joint inflammation. Dairy, especially cheese, peanuts and gluten. So no more cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. No I really haven’t made one of those. I’m really looking forward to day 31 when we can add things back to our diet. Teri and I have already discussed it and we want to do the slow approach. This will allow us to add one or maybe two things into to our diet, every 5 days. The purpose is to find things that we are personally not able to process well. We both have eaten all the Whole30 “banned” items most of our lives.

Whole30 keep going to find out what it’s doing.

Interesting times lay ahead. Even if we are allergic to some of the items, we may still consume them, but with significant moderation. I wish my mom or my grandparents had known about things like this. There last years might have been less painful.

We stopped at the library and found a Whole30 cookbook as well as one of the older versions of the Whole30 plan. Time for more research. I believe that knowledge is power. So time to hit the books.

Shifting gears to marriage

Why a marriage conference you ask? Well, I look it like taking your car in for an oil change and a tune-up. Everything may be working fine, but there are some little tweaks that can make it even better. Your marriage is the same way. Albeit, it’s not as easy as an oil change. A good marriage or any relationship for that matter takes an intentional effort.

Teri and I found out that overall we are doing the things we need to be to have a great marriage. We also found a couple of areas that we can do even better. If you are married or just thinking about getting engaged, We highly recommend that you attend one of FamlyLife’s Marriage conferences. The conferences are Bible based, but you do not need to be religious to get some valuable advice and guidance.

My dad always said, if you don’t something or you need advice, ask someone that’s been there. Someone with the experience, perspective and wisdom to help you understand or learn. It’s a lot faster than trying to do it yourself.  What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them. Just drop a comment below.

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