Whole30 Day22

Whole30 Day22

Whole30 Day22

Almost to the top to look back where we’ve been.

Missing breakfast is NOT a good idea while doing The Whole30 program.  Before we started the program I typically had a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast.  Now I actually have some protein.  For some reason today I wasn’t hungry when I got up.  I also didn’t have time to eat.  Unfortunately, my breakfast didn’t make it in by bag so I didn’t get to eat until lunch.

Chicken stir-fry was the menu for lunch today.  The coconut aminos make it so you don’t miss the soy or teriyaki sauce.  Good thing I had some of the homemade applesauce as well.  We’re really enjoying the food preparation aspect of the plan.

Whole30 Day22 was busy.  Work was nonstop and we had an appointment after work that lasted until 7:30.  I writing this as dinner is heating.  Not exactly the best time to be eating.

What have we learned so far?  I think the most surprising thing for Shawn is that I can eat healthy.  We’ve enjoyed experimenting with new kitchen tools and ingredients.  When we opened the spiralizer we were both skeptical, but wow we absolutely love it.

Cravings for sugar are pretty much non-existent.  Surprisingly I could have a busy and hectic day at work and not reach for a Pepsi or Mountain Dew.  Mid-afternoon snacks have disappeared.  We both used to snack on peanut butter crackers or chips.  Evening snacking has also been abolished.  I’m still not a big fan of that, I do miss my popcorn some evenings.

Our energy levels are good and we’re getting back to a normal routine.  Shawn’s still not used to me helping in the kitchen.  And there’s only been one ouch so far.  Yes, it needed a couple of bandaids, but no stitches.  I consider that a success.

We are looking forward to being able to relax some with our diet next week. However, we have discussed incorporating what we have learned and continuing with our better food choices.  It is costing more, but we feel better and if it helps our health it should pay off in the long run.

Dinner’s ready…….

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