Whole30 Last Week

Whole30 Last Week-Day 22-23

Whole30 Last Week

We made it to Whole30 Last Week! Only 7 more days! More of the same. Get up, walk, eat well, go to work, avoid the well-meaning coworker’s carb and sugar bombs, eat our pre-made lunch, go home, eat a Whole30 dinner, take care of the evening activities, hit the hay and do it all over again.

Whole30 Last Week Yucky Foods...Okay, maybe it just seems that boring to you, but I love all the recipe searching, shopping for new ingredients and trying them. My lovely wife, Teri, has eaten some things that she never would have eaten when we first met. I’m not sure she knew that there were vegetables that grow above the ground. She is mostly a meat and potatoes girl. I have definitely expanded her eating horizons. She’s not as picky as she thinks she is.

Interesting recipes ahead. Only time will tell if they are destined to be added to our permanent food list.

Whole30 Last Week What’s Next?

Starting next Wednesday, bread, soft, warm, fresh out of the oven bread, is back on the menu! We are so hoping that gluten is not one of the things causing inflammation. If it is, we are prepared with some low-gluten and gluten-free bread recipes. I may try them anyway, just to see how they taste.

After a week of bread, I plan to add dairy back into my diet. I do miss cream in my coffee. Next I suppose rice and other grains followed by legumes and lastly sugar. I plan to not use refined sugar, but instead go with honey where it makes sense and possibly Stevia or some other natural substitutes.

If anyone is interested in the recipes we used, let me know and I will gladly compile them into a PDF or least a series of food articles. Just let me know your thoughts, you’ve seen a few of mine. Have a great rest of your week.

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