Whole30 Day24

Whole30 Day24

whole30 Day24

Bread Stall Open Air Market

Whole30 Day24 was one of those days you just hope to survive.  Work couldn’t have been worse.  In the past a day like today would have been a Pepsi and chips kind of day.  Followed by an evening of baking and eating.  I’m proud to say I stuck with drinking my water and only ate the chicken and vegetables packed in my lunch.

I have always been a stress eater.  In college I gained a significant amount of weight.  I’ve always struggled with managing my weight.  So I’m feeling very happy that I didn’t allow my self to sabotage my progress and go on an eating binge today.  Definitely a non-scale victory.

Finally, on Whole30 Day24 I’m begining to think my clothes are getting a bit looser.  Not much, but a start means we’re heading in the right direction.  A week from today we get to step on the scale.  I’ve already warned Shawn there will be tears if I’ve gained or maintained.  Folks at work have been reminding me not to get mad when Shawn does better on the scale than me.

In our remaining six days we plan to continue to get our water each day.  I’m finally to the point where all the water doesn’t make me nauseous.  Seriously, when you go from maybe 8 ounces a day to 80 your stomach goes into shock.  A benefit is that you get lots of steps in the first couple of days.  Yes, you end up running to the restroom far more frequently drinking water than soda.  Who knew?  Who ever thinks about these things?

Tonight Shawn and I had class and managed to find a restaurant that was willing to grill us each a chicken breast.  Shawn had his over a salad, no dressing and I just had mine a la cart.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how accommodating restaurants have been.

Getting late and we just got home.  So glad today is over.

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