Whole30 Day25 – last Thursday on plan….

Whole30 Day25

Whole30 Day25

Hmm… probably not for Thanksgiving

Everyone at work is counting down the days until Thanksgiving.  Shawn and I are counting down for Wednesday.  The day we get to step on the scale AND have homemade fresh hot bread.  To ensure we don’t got wild I’ve found a great sounding Paleo recipe.   Check out the Paleo Gluten and grain free sandwich bread here.

There’s several sites that are mostly Whole30 compliant that should help us slowly adjust.  The plan really is to continue to eat healthy.  Surprising how we’ve managed to live and survive without the refined sugar, dairy, grains and legumes.  The weekend before we started I had severe doubts.  It was a bit overwhelming to shop and have to study ingredients.  Worse at how many items we had to put back on the shelf because they contained sugar or soy.

Whole30 Day25 – Going forward.

Whole30 Day25 has us both thinking about what we’ve learned, how we’ve been affected and what we want to do going forward.  Soda is most likely off our diet going forward.  I say that but we haven’t taken a long road trip since starting the plan.  But it’s good to have a goal.  We have enjoyed the cauliflower rice so we will keep that and interchange it with brown rice now and then.

Shawn is constantly looking to try new things.  The Whole30 gave him an excuse to play with new ingredients and recipes.  I’m sure that will continue.  He was shocked when I suggested we pick up some plantains this weekend.  For those curious minds I had them all the time while in Haiti.

Danielle Walker has great recipe ideas on her Against All Grain website.  Another Paleo site I found that has some creative recipes is A Girl Worth Saving.  I’m still looking at the Whole30 Recipe Exchange blog.  Their blog has lots of suggestions and ideas.  Currently Thanksgiving options are the key topic.

We’re on Whole30 Day 25 and we’ve found the plan pretty easy to follow.  Mostly because The Whole30 website has lots of information and suggestions.  All sorts of information to keep you going.



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