Whole30 Day26

Whole30 Day26

Not that I’m counting, but 4 more days!

Whole30 Day26

Go for It! from PeacefulMindPeacefullife

Today wraps up a hectic and exhausting week at work.  I’m glad next week is a 3 day week.  We still haven’t decided what we should plan for Thanksgiving.  We know the 30 day challenge is over but don’t want to lose our momentum.   The Holiday Recipe Exchange has numerous Whole30 compliant options.

Interesting that preparations for week one seemed difficult.  In honesty, it hasn’t changed, but I think our mindset has changed.  We no longer view food preparation as a chore that has to be done.  Instead, we view it as an opportunity to try new cooking techniques, new recipes, new ingredients while spending time together.

Whole30 Day26 finds us spending more time together.  Sharing our evening meal together enables us to catch up with each other.  We get to pause and reflect on the day and what is coming up the rest of the week.  Somehow the rat race doesn’t seem so hectic.

So, what’s in store for this weekend?  Shawn’s on call for work, so that will throw a new wrinkle into our routine.  Calls typically aren’t during daylight hours.  Why is it that work issues tend to occur in the early hours of the morning.  I know Shawn is so missing having cream in his coffee.

Instead of running around to several different stores we signed up for Amazon Prime earlier this week.  Our first pantry order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  You would think we were getting a new puppy – Shawn really is 12.  It’s fun to see him excited over the simple things in life.  We just ordered some staple items that we found cheaper on Amazon than some of the specialty stores we’ve been shopping at.

Still no “Tiger Blood” as mentioned in The Whole30 timeline, but I am feeling better.  Not so tired as when we started and not nearly as hungry.  Shockingly, I’m not craving my Pepsi although it was a good thing the M&M’s in the machine had peanuts.  It was definitely a chocolate kind of day.  But, I made it through.

Have a great weekend!

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