Whole30 Day27

Whole30 Day27

Whole30 Day27

What? No junk food?

Our last weekend on officially on the Whole30 program.  Rather funny how nervous we were that first weekend.  Could we stay compliant?  Would snacking get the better of us?  Those and numerous other questions were just a result of worry and anxiety.

Weekends are just like any other day.  Plan, prepare and follow the plan.  We’ve even managed to successfully eat out a few times.  We don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to, but we are definitely eating healthier.

Whole30 Day27 finds us eating typically 3 meals a day.  Snacking has become infrequent and evening snacking is taboo.  Not that we haven’t thought about it.  Breakfast today entailed leftover to make room for this weeks recipes.  I had chicken with a potato and Shawn had eggs with orange peppers, onion and sausage.

Whole30 Day 27 is our last weekend on program we stopped by a local kitchen store.  A few  cute porcelain ramekins, some spices, and a few gluten free mixes.  At Whole Foods we picked up Coconut Aminos and a pumpkin gluten free muffin mix.   This week’s recipes include chicken, meatloaf and Whole30 bacon.  Yes, we splurged and picked up some Whole30 bacon at Whole Foods.  The Butcher pointed it out to us and said they have trouble keeping it in stock.

Our next adventure is not food related, but instead financial.  Now that we have a good start on eating healthy and eating well it’s time to focus on another area of our lives.  Over lunch we drafted up a plan and started mapping out steps to make the plan a reality.   Whole30 Day27 and we’re both feeling like we could tackle the world.  Great feeling.

We can’t say enough about The Whole30 program.  Granted, it was tough at the start but after that first week it’s been fine.  Getting off our sugar addiction was actually easier then either of us had imagined.

Whole30 Day27

No going back now…

Whole30 Day27 and just 3 more days to go.  Thinking this is will be more of an ongoing lifestyle change.  We need it to be!

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