Whole30 Day28

Whole30 Day28

Final weekend on our initial Whole30 program is complete.  I found today especially challenging.  Odd isn’t it.  Whole30 Day28, two more days to go and I’m wanting popcorn!

Whole30 Day28

Just one of those days!

During this past month work and life has provided enough opportunities for me to throw in the towel and revert back to stress eating.  I resisted, more so that Shawn wouldn’t laugh or be at Day30 ahead of me.

But today was different.  Whole30 Day28 found me sitting impatiently through 2 of my online courses.  They were long, at times tedious or outright boring.  Once we get into new material I think it will be better, but today was review.  5 hours of review – I’m mentally tired.  All I could think of was, if I could have some pretzels, crackers or popcorn this class would be going faster.  Odd how our brains work.

In preparing for life after our Whole30 challenge, I’ve been reading and researching how we should reintroduce foods.  One suggestion is dairy, then grains and then legumes.  We’re missing bread so mixing it up a bit and adding bread first.  Pumpkin muffins – if they don’t contain sugar.  Otherwise we have a backup bread recipe.

Whole30 Day28 and Shawn’s had significant improvement with inflammation in his joints.  I’ve noticed that my ligaments that have ached since my injury last year aren’t near as painful.  So, what has been causing our inflammation?

Hmm.  to unravel the mystery I picked up  It Starts With Food while at the library.  There’s lots of items listed that impact inflammation in the body.  Shawn’s at work so I haven’t mentioned many of his favorite items are on the list.  It’ll be interesting to see starting Wednesday what our bodies react negatively to.

On a side note, for anyone starting here’s the Whole30 Meal plate  which shows quickly how to portion meals.  Not sure how I missed this when we started, it’s a great visual.

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