Whole30 Day29

Whole30 Day29

Just one more day.  It’s actually hard to believe we have almost come to the end of our journey.  Looking back at blog posts from the first few days, it wasn’t looking good.
Change is hard.  Changing lifelong habits even harder.  On the drive home today Shawn commented on how much energy we both seem to have.  It’s true.
No marathons – actually, no running for that matter, but we are doing more in the evenings.  It’s been a slow and gradual change but one for the better.
Breakfast on Whole30 Day29 consisted of eggs and vegetables for Shawn. I went with the Whole30 approved bacon we found at Whole Foods.  It was actually very tasty.  Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with coconut aminos filled us both up for lunch.  Shawn managed to get an afternoon apple before fixing us meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner.
He’s already starting to think about how we can stay Whole30 compliant while traveling over Thanksgiving.
Whole30 Day29 Trip

Trip, Trip!!!! Let’s go…..

Turning to the Whole30 website they have travel tips.  They have information to ensure you are successful no matter what the situation.  If you are determined to succeed, they have your back.  The recipes and information on the website has been both helpful and informative.
Back to our trip.  Once we arrive, a small cooler and a stop at Wal-Mart or a grocery store is the first order of business.  Our plan is to load up on Whole30 items so we aren’t tempted to “innocently wander” into the junk food aisles at the gas stations.
I admit it, I’m the worst,  Shawn will be pumping gas in the car and I’ll stop in for a rest room break and come back to the car with a large cup of soda (or two) and some chips or pretzels.  Sadly I am a rewards member at both 7-11 and RaceTrack (a local gas station) and get lots of free drinks and food.  The plan is to stick with water and unsweetened tea.
Whole30 Day29 leaves us both feeling encouraged that we could pick a challenge, create a plan and then execute the plan.   Doing the program together enabled us to encourage and be there for each other.  I know Shawn picked me up and dusted me off several days at the beginning.  Don’t look has become a common saying between as desserts and yummy things seem to appear out of nowhere.
Whole30 Day29

Our lock in Cologne, Germany.
He’s stuck with me!

The doctor’s visit went fine.  Shawn was surprised I didn’t look at the scale.  Hey, I always weigh in the morning and on my scale.  Staying focused to complete tomorrow without any thoughts of “I’ve done well enough” or “wow that’s not good” was’t what I needed today.
That’s enough of a break.  Back to class.

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