Whole30 Nearly Done Day 29

Whole30 Nearly Done Day 29

Whole30 Nearly Done The End is Coming Soon

We are approaching Whole30 Nearly Done! And bread is back on the menu 36 hours, 27 minutes and 43 seconds. Not that I’m counting mind you. Ok, you have me. Yes I am counting the moments until the next baking. I will be baking bread for my lovely wife Teri and if I’m lucky, she will share. We stopped by the library and picked up every Whole30 book. It Starts With Food, Whole30 Cookbook, Whole30 Plan and another one I do not remember. The first one, It Starts With Food, has some really interesting sections on what effect different food types can have on your body. Definitely worth a look if you suspect anything in your diet.

Your Food Is Suspect

I urge you to take a serious look at what you put in your mouth. Especially if you have any health issues. If you feel like you can not commit to the whole thing for 30 days, get help. Phone a friend. Join a support group. It’s only 30 days.

We also picked up some gluten-free alternatives to pumpkin muffins. I will definitely report back on those. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Work is hosting a Thanksgiving Day lunch tomorrow. There will be many food land mines to avoid. Pumpkin pie, bread, stuffing, sweet potato casserole and more. I’ll be having turkey and maybe some veggies if they are not drowned in cheese or cream sauce.

As with most journeys, this one had a beginning 29 days ago. I suspect that it will have an end, but perhaps not for a long time. Knowledge is a powerful thing. As we learn which things have influenced our health issues, we will know what foods to limit or cut completely.

Okay enough spewing of thoughts from my side. It’s your turn. What are your thoughts on Whole30? Can you do it? Am I crazy for even suggesting it? Here’s to your health.

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