Whole30 One To Done

Whole30 One To Done Day 30

Whole30 One To Done

The price of success was not that bad. We are Whole30 One To Done! Yes! Today was great. Woke up with a lot of energy and boy did I need it. It was busy day at work. We have been eating chicken stir fry and meat loaf, but today lunch was turkey and brisket. Work hosted a Thanksgiving day lunch. I managed to stay on plan, but the pumpkin and apple pies looked really good. So did the rolls, but I managed to say out of them.

What we learned during Whole30 One To Done

Whole30 One To Done keep improvingEating healthy isn’t that hard, but it is a bit more expensive. Food is either healthy or unhealthy, there is no in between. Reading about the adding in process we understand that it is a life long process. It is also a choice. You can choose to eat foods you know don’t agree with your body, as long as you understand and accept the consequences.

It also helps to have an accountability partner. Someone to share with and hold each other to the agreement to eat the Whole30 plan for the whole 30 days. Being successful takes a little bit of planning, a modicum of support, a dash of confidence and not a small amount of perseverance.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! We lost inches and weight. We gained energy and focus. To me that is a win-win. Now it’s time to begin re-introducing food groups to figure out which ones are the main offenders. For me it is whatever caused the inflammation in my joints. You can read about Teri’s thoughts here. No one knows what the future holds, but you can make choices about your future eating habits.

Chose health. Eat better. It is not that hard. We did it for 30 days and in the process we learned a lot about how food affects our bodies. To your health!


2 thoughts on “Whole30 One To Done Day 30

  1. Harold Kite


    Congratulations to you and Teri. Been following your adventure. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.

    Harold (Hacksaw)


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