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Whole30 Day26

Whole30 Day26

Not that I’m counting, but 4 more days!

Whole30 Day26

Go for It! from PeacefulMindPeacefullife

Today wraps up a hectic and exhausting week at work.  I’m glad next week is a 3 day week.  We still haven’t decided what we should plan for Thanksgiving.  We know the 30 day challenge is over but don’t want to lose our momentum.   The Holiday Recipe Exchange has numerous Whole30 compliant options.

Interesting that preparations for week one seemed difficult.  In honesty, it hasn’t changed, but I think our mindset has changed.  We no longer view food preparation as a chore that has to be done.  Instead, we view it as an opportunity to try new cooking techniques, new recipes, new ingredients while spending time together.

Whole30 Day26 finds us spending more time together.  Sharing our evening meal together enables us to catch up with each other.  We get to pause and reflect on the day and what is coming up the rest of the week.  Somehow the rat race doesn’t seem so hectic.

So, what’s in store for this weekend?  Shawn’s on call for work, so that will throw a new wrinkle into our routine.  Calls typically aren’t during daylight hours.  Why is it that work issues tend to occur in the early hours of the morning.  I know Shawn is so missing having cream in his coffee.

Instead of running around to several different stores we signed up for Amazon Prime earlier this week.  Our first pantry order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  You would think we were getting a new puppy – Shawn really is 12.  It’s fun to see him excited over the simple things in life.  We just ordered some staple items that we found cheaper on Amazon than some of the specialty stores we’ve been shopping at.

Still no “Tiger Blood” as mentioned in The Whole30 timeline, but I am feeling better.  Not so tired as when we started and not nearly as hungry.  Shockingly, I’m not craving my Pepsi although it was a good thing the M&M’s in the machine had peanuts.  It was definitely a chocolate kind of day.  But, I made it through.

Have a great weekend!

Whole30 Day25 – last Thursday on plan….

Whole30 Day25

Whole30 Day25

Hmm… probably not for Thanksgiving

Everyone at work is counting down the days until Thanksgiving.  Shawn and I are counting down for Wednesday.  The day we get to step on the scale AND have homemade fresh hot bread.  To ensure we don’t got wild I’ve found a great sounding Paleo recipe.   Check out the Paleo Gluten and grain free sandwich bread here.

There’s several sites that are mostly Whole30 compliant that should help us slowly adjust.  The plan really is to continue to eat healthy.  Surprising how we’ve managed to live and survive without the refined sugar, dairy, grains and legumes.  The weekend before we started I had severe doubts.  It was a bit overwhelming to shop and have to study ingredients.  Worse at how many items we had to put back on the shelf because they contained sugar or soy.

Whole30 Day25 – Going forward.

Whole30 Day25 has us both thinking about what we’ve learned, how we’ve been affected and what we want to do going forward.  Soda is most likely off our diet going forward.  I say that but we haven’t taken a long road trip since starting the plan.  But it’s good to have a goal.  We have enjoyed the cauliflower rice so we will keep that and interchange it with brown rice now and then.

Shawn is constantly looking to try new things.  The Whole30 gave him an excuse to play with new ingredients and recipes.  I’m sure that will continue.  He was shocked when I suggested we pick up some plantains this weekend.  For those curious minds I had them all the time while in Haiti.

Danielle Walker has great recipe ideas on her Against All Grain website.  Another Paleo site I found that has some creative recipes is A Girl Worth Saving.  I’m still looking at the Whole30 Recipe Exchange blog.  Their blog has lots of suggestions and ideas.  Currently Thanksgiving options are the key topic.

We’re on Whole30 Day 25 and we’ve found the plan pretty easy to follow.  Mostly because The Whole30 website has lots of information and suggestions.  All sorts of information to keep you going.



Whole30 Countdown Continues

Whole30 Countdown Continues Day 24

Whole30 Countdown Continues

As we enter the last week, the Whole30 countdown continues. My thoughts are in this post, while you can find my lovely wife Teri’s thoughts over here. It’s Wednesday and I am ready to start adding bread back into our diet next week.

It’s been a long day so this will be brief. Had the usual eggs and sausage for breakfast followed by stir fry and applesauce for lunch. Dinner we picked up on the run at Texadelphia. Teri had the grilled chicken and I had a turkey and avocado salad with no dress. It was surprisingly good.

Traffic around Dallas reminds us almost daily of why we do not want to retire in the Metroplex. Even the toll express lanes were slow today. We finally made it back home and are headed for bed.

Another day awaits as the Whole30 Countdown Continues

I am looking forward each day as it dawns. Bringing us closer to a less restrictive diet. I really want to find out if it’s the sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, legumes or a combination that has been causing my joint inflammation. The complete process should take about a month as we slowly add things back into our diet.

As a good friend of mine used to say, “Film at 11.”

Until then, feel free to express your thoughts below.

Whole30 Day24

Whole30 Day24

whole30 Day24

Bread Stall Open Air Market

Whole30 Day24 was one of those days you just hope to survive.  Work couldn’t have been worse.  In the past a day like today would have been a Pepsi and chips kind of day.  Followed by an evening of baking and eating.  I’m proud to say I stuck with drinking my water and only ate the chicken and vegetables packed in my lunch.

I have always been a stress eater.  In college I gained a significant amount of weight.  I’ve always struggled with managing my weight.  So I’m feeling very happy that I didn’t allow my self to sabotage my progress and go on an eating binge today.  Definitely a non-scale victory.

Finally, on Whole30 Day24 I’m begining to think my clothes are getting a bit looser.  Not much, but a start means we’re heading in the right direction.  A week from today we get to step on the scale.  I’ve already warned Shawn there will be tears if I’ve gained or maintained.  Folks at work have been reminding me not to get mad when Shawn does better on the scale than me.

In our remaining six days we plan to continue to get our water each day.  I’m finally to the point where all the water doesn’t make me nauseous.  Seriously, when you go from maybe 8 ounces a day to 80 your stomach goes into shock.  A benefit is that you get lots of steps in the first couple of days.  Yes, you end up running to the restroom far more frequently drinking water than soda.  Who knew?  Who ever thinks about these things?

Tonight Shawn and I had class and managed to find a restaurant that was willing to grill us each a chicken breast.  Shawn had his over a salad, no dressing and I just had mine a la cart.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how accommodating restaurants have been.

Getting late and we just got home.  So glad today is over.