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Whole30 Day30

Whole30 Day30 – We Made It!!!
Whole30 Day30

Finished with Phase I of The Whole30

It’s interesting when you reach the end of a journey how looking back gives you such a different perspective.
Concerns when we first started:
1. How tough is this going to be?
2. Are we going to be hungry?
3. Will we find food to eat that we both like?
4. Will we have the time to plan and prepare each day/week?
5. Does The Whole30 really reset your system?
And if we had to answer the questions now?
1. It’s tough to change lifelong habits.  But, with all the online material, books from the library and some determination, it was very doable.
2. During the first week I was hungry.  My body missed the morning hot chocolate, the mid-morning Pepsi and the afternoon peanut butter crackers. Oh, and let’s not forget the evening snack of popcorn after dinner.  However, as my body got used to eating healthy foods (in proper portions) the desire to snack diminished.
3. The Whole30 website along with numerous other websites provided all sorts of options and alternatives for meals.  We’ve added several new ingredients to our pantry.  Coconut flour, oil and milk. Almond flour, cauliflower rice, leeks and coconut aminos.  I don’t even want to ask what spices Shawn’s been experimenting with – some things are better left unknown.  We’ve also added gala apples – I still can’t do a whole apple but I’ve gotten really good at making applesauce with them!  So, yes even with a picky eater like me there are plenty of healthy foods to keep satisfied.
4. Planning and preparing does take time.  We have started keeping a running list during the week on staple items we need to pick up.  Recipe searches are ongoing as one or both us get the urge for something new.  Meal preparation and cooking has become a time for us to partner and share the load.  After cutting myself the first week it wasn’t until this week that Shawn had the courage to let me use the chef’s knife again.  Hmm, maybe he wasn’t home. Anyways, no blood shed this time.
5. Honestly, Shawn and I started The Whole30 because we knew we needed to be eating better. Our diets had become overwhelmed with processed and junk food.  Some friends had been talking about it and one started the plan and couldn’t say enough good things about it. So, knowing nothing more than the website URL we jumped.  I’m so glad we did.  Neither of us really have cravings and both of us are feeling better.

Our Journey In Summary

Hershey's Kisses at Chocolate world

Where we wanted to be Day1.

Whole30 Day30 finds me reading Food Freedom Forever on the train to and from work.  The book really does a good job of reinforcing that this is NOT a diet, but a reset.  And that we will continue learning about how food impacts us and working to make the best food choices for ourselves the rest of our lives.
Tomorrow morning we jump on the scale.  Normally, I just slither onto the scale dreading what number will appear.  I’m actually excited.  I know I’m feeling better and eating better.  If you’re thinking about trying the program, check here  for all the non-scale victories you could achieve.
Whole30 Day30 officially ends our 30 day journey.  It’s been great sharing the ups & downs.

Whole30 Day29

Whole30 Day29

Just one more day.  It’s actually hard to believe we have almost come to the end of our journey.  Looking back at blog posts from the first few days, it wasn’t looking good.
Change is hard.  Changing lifelong habits even harder.  On the drive home today Shawn commented on how much energy we both seem to have.  It’s true.
No marathons – actually, no running for that matter, but we are doing more in the evenings.  It’s been a slow and gradual change but one for the better.
Breakfast on Whole30 Day29 consisted of eggs and vegetables for Shawn. I went with the Whole30 approved bacon we found at Whole Foods.  It was actually very tasty.  Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with coconut aminos filled us both up for lunch.  Shawn managed to get an afternoon apple before fixing us meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner.
He’s already starting to think about how we can stay Whole30 compliant while traveling over Thanksgiving.
Whole30 Day29 Trip

Trip, Trip!!!! Let’s go…..

Turning to the Whole30 website they have travel tips.  They have information to ensure you are successful no matter what the situation.  If you are determined to succeed, they have your back.  The recipes and information on the website has been both helpful and informative.
Back to our trip.  Once we arrive, a small cooler and a stop at Wal-Mart or a grocery store is the first order of business.  Our plan is to load up on Whole30 items so we aren’t tempted to “innocently wander” into the junk food aisles at the gas stations.
I admit it, I’m the worst,  Shawn will be pumping gas in the car and I’ll stop in for a rest room break and come back to the car with a large cup of soda (or two) and some chips or pretzels.  Sadly I am a rewards member at both 7-11 and RaceTrack (a local gas station) and get lots of free drinks and food.  The plan is to stick with water and unsweetened tea.
Whole30 Day29 leaves us both feeling encouraged that we could pick a challenge, create a plan and then execute the plan.   Doing the program together enabled us to encourage and be there for each other.  I know Shawn picked me up and dusted me off several days at the beginning.  Don’t look has become a common saying between as desserts and yummy things seem to appear out of nowhere.
Whole30 Day29

Our lock in Cologne, Germany.
He’s stuck with me!

The doctor’s visit went fine.  Shawn was surprised I didn’t look at the scale.  Hey, I always weigh in the morning and on my scale.  Staying focused to complete tomorrow without any thoughts of “I’ve done well enough” or “wow that’s not good” was’t what I needed today.
That’s enough of a break.  Back to class.

Whole30 Day28

Whole30 Day28

Final weekend on our initial Whole30 program is complete.  I found today especially challenging.  Odd isn’t it.  Whole30 Day28, two more days to go and I’m wanting popcorn!

Whole30 Day28

Just one of those days!

During this past month work and life has provided enough opportunities for me to throw in the towel and revert back to stress eating.  I resisted, more so that Shawn wouldn’t laugh or be at Day30 ahead of me.

But today was different.  Whole30 Day28 found me sitting impatiently through 2 of my online courses.  They were long, at times tedious or outright boring.  Once we get into new material I think it will be better, but today was review.  5 hours of review – I’m mentally tired.  All I could think of was, if I could have some pretzels, crackers or popcorn this class would be going faster.  Odd how our brains work.

In preparing for life after our Whole30 challenge, I’ve been reading and researching how we should reintroduce foods.  One suggestion is dairy, then grains and then legumes.  We’re missing bread so mixing it up a bit and adding bread first.  Pumpkin muffins – if they don’t contain sugar.  Otherwise we have a backup bread recipe.

Whole30 Day28 and Shawn’s had significant improvement with inflammation in his joints.  I’ve noticed that my ligaments that have ached since my injury last year aren’t near as painful.  So, what has been causing our inflammation?

Hmm.  to unravel the mystery I picked up  It Starts With Food while at the library.  There’s lots of items listed that impact inflammation in the body.  Shawn’s at work so I haven’t mentioned many of his favorite items are on the list.  It’ll be interesting to see starting Wednesday what our bodies react negatively to.

On a side note, for anyone starting here’s the Whole30 Meal plate  which shows quickly how to portion meals.  Not sure how I missed this when we started, it’s a great visual.

Whole30 Day27

Whole30 Day27

Whole30 Day27

What? No junk food?

Our last weekend on officially on the Whole30 program.  Rather funny how nervous we were that first weekend.  Could we stay compliant?  Would snacking get the better of us?  Those and numerous other questions were just a result of worry and anxiety.

Weekends are just like any other day.  Plan, prepare and follow the plan.  We’ve even managed to successfully eat out a few times.  We don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to, but we are definitely eating healthier.

Whole30 Day27 finds us eating typically 3 meals a day.  Snacking has become infrequent and evening snacking is taboo.  Not that we haven’t thought about it.  Breakfast today entailed leftover to make room for this weeks recipes.  I had chicken with a potato and Shawn had eggs with orange peppers, onion and sausage.

Whole30 Day 27 is our last weekend on program we stopped by a local kitchen store.  A few  cute porcelain ramekins, some spices, and a few gluten free mixes.  At Whole Foods we picked up Coconut Aminos and a pumpkin gluten free muffin mix.   This week’s recipes include chicken, meatloaf and Whole30 bacon.  Yes, we splurged and picked up some Whole30 bacon at Whole Foods.  The Butcher pointed it out to us and said they have trouble keeping it in stock.

Our next adventure is not food related, but instead financial.  Now that we have a good start on eating healthy and eating well it’s time to focus on another area of our lives.  Over lunch we drafted up a plan and started mapping out steps to make the plan a reality.   Whole30 Day27 and we’re both feeling like we could tackle the world.  Great feeling.

We can’t say enough about The Whole30 program.  Granted, it was tough at the start but after that first week it’s been fine.  Getting off our sugar addiction was actually easier then either of us had imagined.

Whole30 Day27

No going back now…

Whole30 Day27 and just 3 more days to go.  Thinking this is will be more of an ongoing lifestyle change.  We need it to be!