nature photos

Nature Photos

Shawn Griffith’s nature photos are a collection of flowers, birds, insects, animals and scenery that he saw and liked during his travels around the world.  Check out my photo gallery online at (Work in progress)

A weekend birthday photo safari at Fossil Rim and Cherokee Trace Wildlife preserve.

Some random nature photos from our past travels.

6 thoughts on “nature photos

  1. Gene'O

    These are nice. I do a little photography myself. I’m not blogging many photos right now, but I do weekly “Wordless” features during most of the year.

    1. shawn

      Thanks Gene! I’ve been doing photography since I was a boy. My dad worked for Eastman Kodak and we got good deals on film, paper and chemicals, so I usually did my own processing. With digital it’s great, I can take thousands of pictures and just keep the good ones.

  2. Ruchi

    Hi Shawn,
    you have really beautiful pictures here. I like the idea of your blog: to pass on the wisdom. I look forward to gain some 🙂


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