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Author Scott Pratt

Coming Soon! Interview with Scott Pratt author of the Joe Dillard series

I am excited to be blogging an interview with author Scott Pratt. If you are not familiar with Scott’s work, check out his website and stay tuned next week when we learn what Scott likes to do to relax. You. Will. Never. Guess. 🙂


Also coming soon is a compilation of all my A-to-Z posts into a PDF. If you want to get this, sign up for the newsletter. There will be a link for the PDF version in the June Newsletter. If you have not joined the A-to-Z Roadtrip, check it out and join us.

Stay tuned for a guest blog appearance by yours truly over at Write On Sisters. If you are looking for great tips to improve your writing, look no further.

Weekend Coffee Share – Survival edition

If we were having coffee, I would say, WOOHOO! April A-to-Z 2015 is finished. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work and I found some great blogs to follow. Now all I need to do is clone myself five times and integrate all six of our brains and I might be able to really follow them. I enjoyed the experience. I didn’t show up for coffee last week since I was in Dallas for a karate tournament. How was your week? Mine was good, just a bit busy trying to finish out my visits for A-to-Z and working on the finishing touches of my book. I posted an excerpt and asked for your thoughts on titles. I hope you get a chance to drop by. If you are interested in being a beta reader for my first book on character, please send me an email to downhome-shawn@usa.net with beta reader in the subject. Put in a thought as to why you are a great choice to be a beta reader.

I would ask about any cool, interesting or just plain weird projects that you have in the works and tell you have an amazing week. And now for something completely different 🙂

We are watching

We are watching

Don’t forget to write your own coffee share and add it to the linky at Part Time Monster.

A-to-Z April 2015 Survivor Followup

Wow, what a ride. From, the rouge esoteric corners of language and explorations of words, to the far reaches of the universe and few fictional places in between, I learned a lot about Japanese culture from Alex and had a nice traipse through the state of Maine with Sayling Away. Need some tips on your writing? Stop by the Write on Sisters.  it’s been an amazing journey on my first A-to-Z challenge.  If you enjoy some good female monsters or little Geek Pastiche you can check out Part-time Monster and Sourcerer. Thanks for the ride everyone it has been fun, entertaining, educational and enlightening. An incredible journey shared with old friends and new. If you want to check out all the amazing blogs that I visited and did not mention or ones that I was not able to visit just because there were over 1600 blogs participating, you can find them at the A-to-Z April 2015 Sign-up page.

It is my hope that my shared memories and thoughts passed along to me by my Grandma can help and encourage you in some small way. If you found the posts interesting or helpful, please share them with your friends and family. If there are topics or questions you would like to see me cover, drop me an email or a comment. I sometimes miss things on Twitter, but I stop by there every day or two. Thanks to all who stopped by to read and like the posts, but a special warm thank you to those who took time to comment. I am still a bit behind on my commenting on other blogs for the A-to-Z, but  I will catch up in the next few days. Have an #AWESOME Friday and an amazing weekend.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but is the parent of all the others. - Cicerio

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but is the parent of all the others. – Cicerio

A-to-Z 2015 Z is for Zachariah

Zachariah was my 3rd cousin way up the family tree somewhere.  Knowing where you came from is important. Your roots, your heritage, part of what defines you is wrapped up in from whence you came. My family originally came over from Wales. Dad traced the family roots back 6 or 7 generations. Grandma had a list of marriages, births and deaths in the front of her bible. Family was very important to her and she taught me several important lessons about family.  One is that don’t get to choose your family. You’re stuck with what you are given, which is why choosing your friends is so important, because you do get to choose them. Since you can’t choose your family, you best learn to live with them. Sometimes distance helps with this. A lot of genealogy is boring, but the rest I find fascinating. Dig a little and see what you find.  I learned a little about Zach from genealogy, but I never met my 3rd cousin Zachariah.

My Family Tree

My Family Tree – image: http://clipartpanda.com