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Signs of Travel Cee's Which Way Challenge

Travel Signs Cee’s Which Way

Travel Signs

Here is my entry for this week’s Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. A few travel signs from across the globe. You can find more in the sign photo collection.  One of the great things about travel is some of the interesting and odd travel signs that you find. Some of my favorites are in the previously mentioned photo collection.

travel signs

Walk with your butt out!

We found this pedestrian walk sign in Panama and thought it was hilarious the way his butt sticks out. My wife had to have a picture of it. Well okay, so did I. 🙂


Guess where we saw this one?
travel signs


Yes, it really says Iguana crossing. We also saw signs for snake, turtle and jaguar crossings. This was in Ecuador.


Photo Challenge Sun and Suspension bridge

Photo Challenge Cee’s Fun Foto

Photo Challenge!

Cee's Fun Photo Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

It’s been a while since I played in Cee’s photo challenge playground. The April A-to-Z challenge took almost all my blogging time. Now I’m getting caught up with everything. Well almost. 🙂 Any way, here are a few photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Perspective Challenge. Enjoy and let me know which one you like best. I am planning on participating in at least two of Cee’s photo challenges every month. If the photos get enough comments, I’ll be adding more photos to the mix. If you like the photos, please comment and let me know. Same thing if you don’t like.

Photo Challenge Perspective

Downtown Jonesborough Main Street.

Photo Challenge perspective sidewalk


Photo challenge perspective

Middle of the road

Please leave a comment as to whether or not you want to see more or less photos 🙂 Have a great week.

Travel Theme: Environment

Stumbling around the blog-o-sphere one can run across many interesting sites. One of those is Where’s my backpack and they host a Travel Theme photo challenge.  So I thought I would throw a couple of mine in see what people think.  Oh and thanks to Cee at Cee’s Photography blog for participating. That’s how I found it.  Cee hosts several really cool challenges. If like interesting photo’s drop by and visit her.

With the theme, environment, I chose a few of my shots that show what environment means to me.  I selected the butterfly below to remind us that the environment is made up of many small fragile things.


Butterfly munching

The ice shrouded roses remind us that the weather aspect of environment can be very capricious at times. One should always be conscious of the weather.

Frozen roses

Frozen roses

And the waterfall to remind us of the importance of water. Without it all life as we know it on earth would cease. It is paramount that we keep it clean and respect it.