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Monday Challenge Rehost edition 2

Monday Challenge Rehost take 2 hopefully with comments

Well here we are! Coming to you from the swamps at HostGator.com. After several live chats with the very helpful folks from support, Down Home Thoughts is mostly here. There are some differences that I noticed right away. One is that editor is a bit different. Nothing major, but some of the features that used are missing. There is not an easy follow button and several of the side bar widjets that I used on the WordPress hosted site do not exist here. I’m sure there are some replacements around, I just need to do the research and find them.

Your challenge today is to please leave a comment or like the post so that I know the following and delivery mechanisms are not all bollixed up. This is a simple and easy one. Also, if see any oddities, please let me know via comment.  Thank you again so much for your help.

Have an #AWESOME week!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog…

Monday Morning Challenge

The April 2015 A-to-Z Challenge is over! It’s time to get back to our regular posting schedule. Today’s challenge is about habits. How do you motivate yourself to change your habits. Sure some are easier than others. One’s where your life hangs in the balance are usually motivation enough to stop smoking, lose weight, stop eating sweets, etc. But what about habits you want to change that might never show any visible result, like improving your character? Let’s pick just one aspect or trait of good character like honestly. How do we go about the challenge of improving our honesty and sticking to it? What would be a good motivator for you to begin and continue working until you improved? Maybe it depends on what you have to do or how you go about it?  Let’s say you are in the habit of telling little white lies to spare friends or family disappointment or embarrassment. Some would argue that this is okay since it doesn’t hurt anyone. This is a slippery slope. You are in the habit of lying. You have options. You can tell the truth. You can not answer the question or you might try talking to the person and explaining that you simply  don’t want to lie to them. A lot of us, myself included, tend to take the easy path of telling the lie. How do we motivate ourselves to not do this? Your challenge today is to leave a comment below about how you motivate yourself or others to change a habit.

A-to-Z April 2015 Survivor Followup

Wow, what a ride. From, the rouge esoteric corners of language and explorations of words, to the far reaches of the universe and few fictional places in between, I learned a lot about Japanese culture from Alex and had a nice traipse through the state of Maine with Sayling Away. Need some tips on your writing? Stop by the Write on Sisters.  it’s been an amazing journey on my first A-to-Z challenge.  If you enjoy some good female monsters or little Geek Pastiche you can check out Part-time Monster and Sourcerer. Thanks for the ride everyone it has been fun, entertaining, educational and enlightening. An incredible journey shared with old friends and new. If you want to check out all the amazing blogs that I visited and did not mention or ones that I was not able to visit just because there were over 1600 blogs participating, you can find them at the A-to-Z April 2015 Sign-up page.

It is my hope that my shared memories and thoughts passed along to me by my Grandma can help and encourage you in some small way. If you found the posts interesting or helpful, please share them with your friends and family. If there are topics or questions you would like to see me cover, drop me an email or a comment. I sometimes miss things on Twitter, but I stop by there every day or two. Thanks to all who stopped by to read and like the posts, but a special warm thank you to those who took time to comment. I am still a bit behind on my commenting on other blogs for the A-to-Z, but  I will catch up in the next few days. Have an #AWESOME Friday and an amazing weekend.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but is the parent of all the others. - Cicerio

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but is the parent of all the others. – Cicerio

A-to-Z 2015 Z is for Zachariah

Zachariah was my 3rd cousin way up the family tree somewhere.  Knowing where you came from is important. Your roots, your heritage, part of what defines you is wrapped up in from whence you came. My family originally came over from Wales. Dad traced the family roots back 6 or 7 generations. Grandma had a list of marriages, births and deaths in the front of her bible. Family was very important to her and she taught me several important lessons about family.  One is that don’t get to choose your family. You’re stuck with what you are given, which is why choosing your friends is so important, because you do get to choose them. Since you can’t choose your family, you best learn to live with them. Sometimes distance helps with this. A lot of genealogy is boring, but the rest I find fascinating. Dig a little and see what you find.  I learned a little about Zach from genealogy, but I never met my 3rd cousin Zachariah.

My Family Tree

My Family Tree – image: http://clipartpanda.com