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Developing character

Developing Character

Developing Character

Developing character is hard work. What are some things we should all consider when developing character? The first, in my opinion is figure out one thing to focus on improving. Do

Developing Character

A little nudge

not try to tackle everything. Be specific. Figure out where to start. Everyone needs a little help now and then. Find a friend or mentor that you trust. Someone from whom you expect honest feedback and more importantly, someone to whom you will listen. You must accept open criticism and suggestions from them. In return, they will help you improve and help you stay on track. in your journey to grow.

Start Here

Figure out one thing that you really want to improve. Maybe it’s your honesty, being more trustworthy or perhaps more helpful. Here is a list of traits to help you think about areas to build. Lifehack also has some ways to grow. A more academic approach is to study a 36 week course. That is a little too intense for most of us. Perhaps just sticking with one thing at a time is best.

Take Action

Developing CharacterMaking a decision is a beginning. Without action, however, you will not succeed. Action which will need to be repeated over and over until it becomes habit.

Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become character. Click To Tweet

Daily Plan

Set your daily plan for developing character. Keep it small and manageable. Focus on one piece of one area. For example, you want to improve your driving courtesy. One aspect of this is to slow down. Maybe you need to leave for all of your appoints 15 minutes earlier than usual. Do that everyday for a week and see how it goes.

Weekly Review

Improving YourselfThe weekly review requires honesty from both you and your mentor. You must be willing to truthfully report your successes and failures. Discuss options to improve or prevent future negative outcomes. As with the above example leaving 15 minutes earlier for appointments, you only yelled at other drivers half as much as before. That is a great improvement and should be celebrated. Now focus on ideas to get the number of drivers you yell at down to zero.

Repeat Until Done

Repeat until done. The real kicker here is that you are never done.


your-actions-speak-so-loud-that-i-cant-hear-what-youre-saying1Remember that forging character, improving yourself, self-development, whatever you want to call it is hard work. Much like carving a marble statue, it takes time, dedication and effort. This journey is not for the faint of heart. You’ve read this far, now take some action.

  1. Make a decision and pick an area to grow
  2. Take action – find an accountability partner
  3. Set up a daily plan for small improvements
  4. Review weekly with your mentor
  5. Repeat until you have a new habit


I would love to hear your challenges or areas that need help. Mine is courtesy. I need to improve my attitude towards those with which I share the road. I need to slow down and not try to push those ahead of me driving much to slowly.

Please leave your thoughts below and if you are so inclined use the social medias buttons to share with your friends. The more people we have discussing the subject of better character, the better our world will be.

weekend coffee share busy edition

Weekend coffee share friendly edition

Weekend coffee share friendly edition

forging smallWelcome to the Weekend coffee share friendly edition. If we were having coffee or another beverage of your choice, I would tell that the book, Forging Character,  is moving slowly. What do I mean by slowly? Think molasses in winter. I took a break and an just can’t seem to get back into the rewrite. Yes, the rewrite that was supposed to be done already. I hope your projects are going much better. Work is going well. Hopefully there will be a more interesting update next week. 🙂 Stay tuned.

Being Friendly

My co-workers always seem amazed that I can work with a diverse group of people from other teams to get things done. I tell them it’s not really hard. You just have to be friendly. Often people who are perceived as being difficult to deal with just need to be asked the right way. How is that you ask? You do it in a friendly, open way asking them to share their area of expertise in addressing your problem.

Weekend coffee share friendly editionIt is all about being friendly. Not the false smile of a used car salesmen, but an honest interest in what they do. Will I get something out of it? Absolutely. It is my hope that we both learn something.

Being friendly can take many different paths. The simplest and often overlooked, is to simply be there and listen.

Want to read a more psychological approach to being friendly? Check out this article. Or maybe a more social approach here.

Whatever you decide, it does take a bit effort to change your habits if you are not already in a friendly mindset. Like anything in life that is worth something, being friendly takes a bit of work. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Unless you like being alone all the time. People like being around friendly people.

Weekend Coffee Share

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I would love to hear your thoughts below. Please share with your friends. The more the merrier.

Weekend Coffee Share Birthday Edition

Society Edition Weekend Coffee Share

Society Edition Weekend Coffee Share

As we sit down to enjoy our favorite beverage, I want to ask how your week went. Did you get done the things you had planned? Were there steps to in improve your character or some other challenge? What does this have to do with society? I asked myself the same question. I was working on my book, Forging Character, and I kept coming across quotes and stories demonstrating the importance of personal good character on society.

I hope you are doing well and that you are making daily improvements in your life. If you are having challenges, as we all do at times, leave a comment or email me so we can chat. I don’t have all the answers, but perhaps I can help you find your own.

Do not put on your political blinders. What follows is NOT a political commentary, but some thoughts on our society today.

It’s Gene’O’s fault

SocietyOkay, not really, but some our conversations via Facebook prompted me to think about this topic a bit more. Looking at our political landscape today, it is extremely clear that society is sorely lacking. I’m not taking a political side because I feel that none of them are tenable.

Is this society’s (all of us) fault? In some respects it must be. Can we change it? Absolutely, emphatically YES! Will it be easy? Certainly not. Change will require all of us to help. And dare I say, that such change will require us to change ourselves. I can not change the world. I can not change you. I can only change myself and hope that I can influence others enough to want to change themselves as well.

Take a moment to check out this video about the importance of character in a free society.

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Self Improvement

Being Helpful Is Good Character

Being Helpful …

Is good character, but you should do absolutely nothing before you help. STOP, take a few moments to really check the situation. Use your brain before jumping in immediately and trying help. Being helpful does not always mean jumping in and doing. As with most things in life, thinking before doing is highly recommended.

There are many ways to be helpful. One of the best is to not do anything right away. Just evaluate the situation. Asking before attempting to help is a truly amazing idea. So many people think they are helping. But often, they are just complicating the issue. Sometimes they make the situation worse than before they helped.

What does helping have to do with character?

Being HelpfulIdentifying character is easy. Defining it, not so much. We all “know” good character when we see it, but what is it? One of the aspects of good character is being helpful. What does it mean to be truly helpful to another? Check out what Communico says about the lost art of being truly helpful.

Understanding all of us need help now and then is a good trait. Recognizing and being able to offer help is a good character trait. Helpful is one of the twelve points of the Scout Law. The golden rule says, “Do unto others as you have them do unto you.” That sure sounds like being helpful is pretty high on the list. Being helpful is more than just something you do driving around town or at home. The simple act of helping can be good for you.

What about work?

Psychology Today says that being helpful at work pays off, literally. Besides being perceived as nice, you will also be looked at as team player. Having a good reputation at work goes a long way toward. Helping often reduces stress and tension. We can all use a little of that!

So what?

Maybe, if we all were a little more helpful and less focused on what’s in it for ourselves, we might receive more than we expect. The world might become a better place. Our children and grandchildren can expect a better future. One where people are kind, friendly and helpful. So what about being helpful and making it happen?

The ball is in your court.

Please share your thoughts below and if you enjoyed the post, please share with your friends.