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What Is Funny About Character?

What is funny about character?

Humor is in the eyes, ears and hearts of those observing. What you might think is funny, could be lost on someone else, or worse even be offensive. Today’s question is, “What is funny about character?” What are some things you think might be funny when talking about character, or perhaps the lack of good character?

What is funny about character?

I think character itself is not funny. It is necessary to have a good sense of humor when developing character. You will need the ability to laugh at yourself on occasion. Maybe it’s not a requirement, but it sure makes life easier when you can laugh with, not at, others.

Here is good video about humor and character

What is funny about character? Everything and nothing. Life is there for you to live. It is what you make of it. Your character is a large part of that life and more importantly, it affects the society in which we all live. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Local English Humor

Local English Humor

Language is always interesting to me. I love finding new words and local usage. The situation becomes humorous when one language gets mixed with another in some way. A little local language humor to get your weekend started on a chuckle. This great video is from a Toastmaster’s competition in 2009. Enjoy a little local English humor.

Language can be funny, helpful, hurtful, informative and so much more. Whether written or spoken, there are always subtle shades of meanings. When language mix with each other, the results are often confusing and always humorous.

Here is article on the vagaries of the English language. What are your favorite twists and turns of the English Language? Leave a comment below with your favorite confusions.

is humor a character trait?

Is Humor A Character Trait

Is Humor A Character Trait?

What is humor? Is humor a character trait? According to the dictionary it is:

noun: humour; noun: humor; noun: cardinal humor; plural noun: cardinal humors
  1. 1.
    the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.
    “his tales are full of humor”
    synonyms: comedy, comical aspect, funny side, fun, amusement, funniness, hilarity, jocularity; More

    absurdity, ludicrousness, drollness;
    “the humor of the film”
    • the ability to express humor or make other people laugh.
      “their inimitable brand of humor”
  2. 2.
    a mood or state of mind.
    “her good humor vanished”
    synonyms: mood, temper, disposition, temperament, nature,state of mind,frame of mind;

    “his good humor was infectious”

The definition says nothing about character. The ability to laugh is a gift. Being able to laugh at ourselves means we do not take ourselves to seriously. Laughing at others, and not with them, displays a lack of character if the reason for the situation involves misfortune. Our question remains. Is humor a character trait?

A lot of good comedy is situational. Look at this old BBC clip by Dave Allen and you will find almost no words spoken. The humor is in the situation. No mocking or maligning occurs. It is simply a funny situation. We all find ourselves occasionally wanting to laugh at someone’s misfortune. Do so only if the other person can laugh about it as well. It will reflect highly on your character.

Humor is not a character trait, but good character allows us to appreciate humor in the right situations. We should never laugh at someone, only with them. Where the line falls is not easy to tell, but if the other person is offended or humiliated, then it’s not humor.


importance of laughter

Importance of Humor

Friday’s Funny on the Importance of Humor

Humor at Work

importance of humor at workMost people take work way to seriously. Learn to relax and laugh at yourself and with others. Remember, never laugh at others. Always laugh in a spirit of friendliness. Humor is often used to break the ice at meeting. A good chuckle can smooth over a misunderstanding. One of the best laughs I ever had was working at Southwest Airlines. My Team decided  while I was gone over Christmas to decorate my office. They gift-wrapped everything in the office, including the door. Every pencil, every book, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk and chair were all carefully and lovingly wrapped. It was a work of art.

Forbes: 10 Reasons why humor is a key to success at work

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Humor that works: 30 Benefits of Humor in the Workplace

Humor and Adversity

I know laughing while going through adversity is never easy, humor will lighten your burden. I had a good friend in high school that suffered from Hodgkin’s Disease. We would visit and talk and laugh with him. Laughing made him feel better. His doctors treated the Hodgkin’s and it went into remission. A few years later it came back. He repeated this cycle six times. The seventh ended differently. When I think about the good times and the laughs we shared in spite of his illness, I can never have a bad day.

Huffington Post: Find Humor in Illness

Humor and Health

Humor relaxes your blood vessels lowering blood pressure. Being relaxed is generally much healthier than being tense and stressed.

What is the importance of humor to you? Leave a comment or two and share this with your friends. Better yet, share a good laugh with your friends, the life you save may be your own.