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A Happy Boy

by Shawn Griffith – All rights reserved.

A small boy wanders through the rainforest. He is not afraid. This is his home.  The paths are different overtime since rain, erosion and prolific plant growth change them everyday. Suddenly the path gives way and the boy slides down a step incline and into a ravine. He remembers to cross his legs and arms and tuck his chin as he slides to safety at the bottom of a ravine. Standing, he checks his pouches and finding them all intact, he starts down the ravine along a stream, watching carefully for snakes. As he a approaches a sharp bend, he slows hearing the rushing of water. Rounding the bend, he finds a secluded waterfall disappearing into a cave. He recalls his grandmother, the local shaman, telling me of the different herbs and medicinal mushrooms that grow in wet caves. He gets excited, hoping that what he needs to save her is here. He pulls a small rope from one of his pouches and ties it to a kapok tree. As he begins his descent, he harvests many herbs and mushrooms, carefully packing them safely away in his pouches, just as his grandmother taught him. As he reaches the bottom, he notices carvings in the rock. They are similar to ancient Mayan symbols, but there are differences. Roughly translated it seems to show that those needing help can find it within the cavern beyond. Warily he proceeds into the depths of the mountain. A faint glow emanates from the walls and ceiling as if by magic. The rectangular passage empties into a large round chamber with a huge perfect crystal that is at least 25 feet across. as he enters the chamber, the crystal beings to glow faintly and a voice comes from everywhere, speaking in an old form of ancient Mayan. The boy speaks a greeting and the glowing increases. The intensity is like the midday sun on the mountain top. A tug at his thoughts is at first resisted and then given in to. He senses that the crystal is trying to decide what he needs. He concentrates on his grandmother and her symptoms. A series of herbs and mushrooms appear in his mind’s eye. An urge to touch the crystal is strong. He takes a step toward it and then another. As he touches the crystal, his awareness expands and time seems to stop. Energy flows from the crystal into the boy and with it, the knowledge of how to use the herbs and mushrooms to help his grandmother. He heads home a happy boy.