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Monday Morning Challenge

The April 2015 A-to-Z Challenge is over! It’s time to get back to our regular posting schedule. Today’s challenge is about habits. How do you motivate yourself to change your habits. Sure some are easier than others. One’s where your life hangs in the balance are usually motivation enough to stop smoking, lose weight, stop eating sweets, etc. But what about habits you want to change that might never show any visible result, like improving your character? Let’s pick just one aspect or trait of good character like honestly. How do we go about the challenge of improving our honesty and sticking to it? What would be a good motivator for you to begin and continue working until you improved? Maybe it depends on what you have to do or how you go about it?  Let’s say you are in the habit of telling little white lies to spare friends or family disappointment or embarrassment. Some would argue that this is okay since it doesn’t hurt anyone. This is a slippery slope. You are in the habit of lying. You have options. You can tell the truth. You can not answer the question or you might try talking to the person and explaining that you simply  don’t want to lie to them. A lot of us, myself included, tend to take the easy path of telling the lie. How do we motivate ourselves to not do this? Your challenge today is to leave a comment below about how you motivate yourself or others to change a habit.

A Better You, A Better World

Today’s Monday Challenge asks all you, me included, to take a look at our character and pick one thing to work on improving. I am taking a few draft pages from the book that I am writing on character and sharing it with you. Your honest feedback is appreciated. At this point in the book, good character has been defined and we have established that character can always be improved upon.

Steps To Improve Character

We know what makes up good character. We also know that character can be improved no matter how good we think it is. So where do go from here? Make a list of your best character traits. Next to each one, write one attribute that you think you could improve upon.

Good Traits         Improvement
Friendliness         Meeting new people, say hi to a stranger in safe setting.

Let’s do the same thing for those traits that are not our top 10 and need polishing.

Traits to improve       Improvement
Patience                         Don’t yell at others when I’m driving.

Pick a trait from either list and improve it for 30-60 days.

On day 1, get up, look at your list and write out a statement about which trait you want to improve and how. Then read your statement out loud “I am improving my today by .” For example, I might say “I am improving by patience today by not yelling at others when I drive.” Carry the statement with you. Make a copy and put it on your mirror. Put one up on your desk at work. Whatever it takes so that you see it and read it. Be aware of your interactions with others and how they might perceive your actions and words. Ask a trusted friend for help in monitoring your progress. Read the statement out loud before you go to bed at night.

Day 2, do it again. Repeat until someone comments that you seem nicer, kinder, more patient or what ever describes the trait you are improving.  This might be 3-4 weeks or it may take longer. Some our habits and mannerisms will difficult to change. This why good character takes work. Every day you will make a conscious choice, an effort to improve.

This is your challenge for a better you and a better world.

Are you doomed to repeat?

Today’s Groundhog Day Challenge

It's groundhog day!

It’s groundhog day!

Are you doomed to repeat the past? Do you have a part of your life that always seems to repeat…repeat…repeat…no matter what you do? Something that is stuck and not moving forward? Stop, look, listen, feel what is going on around you. There will be hints on what to do if only you take time to look for them and heed them. If there no areas of your life that seem like this, that is #AWEsome. If there are and it seems hopeless, it’s not. Our challenge this week is to look at our lives, relationships, jobs, etc. to see if there are parts that seem “stuck”  Just name it for now, that is half the battle.  Do you have your own personal Groundhog Day?

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.

Where are you?

Well here we are and the year is nearly 1/12 complete. Time is flying away. Where are you? Have you made progress on your goals, resolutions, plans? Have you at least taken one step toward one improvement for the year? I am inching closer to getting a guest blogger scheduled. There are a couple of blogs where we have both reblogged each others articles and may decide to do a guest appearance. I have continued to grow my Twitter audience, but that has started to slow down and Facebook continues creep ever so slowly along with about 77 likes as of this writing. One of the things I struggle with is keeping up with the volume of email I get from Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I really need to change some the settings to cut the volume, but still get the things I think are important. I would love any suggestions here.

Where are you? Leave a thought or two about things that are going well or maybe something you would like help or advice with pursing. I am far from an expert in many things, but I am happy to share what I have learned.

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.