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Do you have time for character?

Do you have time for character?

Do you have time for character?

Sometimes it’s easy to look away, keep walking and ignore the world around us. It takes a bit of personal character, John Wayne would say grit, to stop, notice and act. I’m not saying you should try to stop a bank robbery single-handed, but at least take notice of the surroundings. Take a picture, call 911, stay safe, but do something. Do you have time for character?

Something Simple

Hopefully you will never have to face a situation that requires you to risk your life more than a morning commute in Dallas traffic. While that might be more than some can tolerate, the commute is not really that bad.

Character is displayed in many ways, as can lack of character. How do you react when someone cuts you off in traffic? What is your thought when a stalled car is blocking a lane on the freeway and you are running late? Your responses to simple things like these are important. Do you smile and wave with your whole hand, not just one finger? Do you stop behind the person, turn on your flashers and help them push their car out of the way? Or do you just get angry and accelerate as soon as you are able?

It is natural to be annoyed at things or people who impede your progress in any way. My grandmother was always slow to anger. She made sure that we knew when she was displeased, but never in an angry manner. Her approach was always with love, kindness and compassion. Do you have time for character?

Character starts early

As a child we learn the basics of character. Trust. Kindness. Compassion. Loyalty. These foundations are what we build upon to become the person that we want to be. If we aim high, we keep getting better. Do not become discouraged, but ask yourself “Am I better today than I was yesterday?” Change does not have to be large to have an impact. Have you ever watched a wasp build a nest? It is done one tiny bit at a time. Do you have time for character?

What are your thoughts and experiences on developing character?

Survey Closing June 15th

Survey Closing Noon-June 15th

Survey Closing June 15th

Thank you to everyone that has taken the survey. If you have not already done so, please take the survey and share it with your friends. The survey will close at noon on June 15th.

Tweet: Survey closing at noon ET June 15th Take it now!  What's important to you? http://bit.ly/1Kh1s6g #survey #poll via @polldaddy  Please share with your friends!

The purpose of the survey is to get a general feeling from people about what is important to them in terms of character traits. If you have interest in the results, please take the survey and in the question asking for your email just leave it and I will collate the data and send a report early next week.

Survey Closing please take it today and share with your friends.


Motivation - Get Motivated

Motivation Monday-Understand Your Motivation

It’s Motivation Monday

Let’s hit the road floor running. Okay, I don’t run, but it’s a nice sounding phrase for don’t just sit there. Get up and move! Everyone has different views on motivation. A very few like the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world are self-starters and seem to stay motivated by their own energy. The rest of us need a jump-start now and then. Some people need positive reinforcement, while others work best with negative. The carrot and the stick, which one works best for you? When setting new goals, it’s a good idea to understand what motivates. Be as specific as possible. That way when Monday morning rolls around and you have to get out of bed, there is some motivation there. Something that either encourages or threatens you to get moving. Most people respond better to positive motivation. Whether it is a reward, a celebration or just a pat on the back, you need to figure out why you want to do something.  If we are lucky, we work because it’s something we enjoy doing. If not, we work because we want to eat and sleep under a roof. Understanding your motivation will help you reach your goals.

Stillness .vs. Action

Where ever your path takes you....

Where ever your path takes you….

Standing still is good if you are planning, resting or meditating. Not so much if you are trying to get somewhere. Stillness has its place, but do not allow the peace of your stillness to overcome your need for action.  Some people need more preparation to get their mind ready to take action. Use your quiet time to visualize yourself taking action. This usually helps overcoming the mental inertial of inaction. If you are serious about something, if your motivation is strong enough, you will take action. Start small. Identify one small thing that is easy to do. Do it. Celebrate your success. It does not need to be a  big celebration, but celebrate. This will help to increase your motivation. Celebrating helps your mind link action to good times.


If you have been a hoarder for as long as you can remember, or maybe you just have trouble throwing things away, don’t try to clean the entire house. You want a clean house, but you don’t know where to begin. Start with one thing. Maybe you have collected aluminum cans. Get a large bag. Collect all the cans. Sell them to a recycle store. Celebrate. Tomorrow, find one more simple thing you can do. Breaking huge insurmountable tasks into smaller pieces now makes the task seem possible. Taking action reinforces your motivation. It shows you that can make progress.

What motivates you? Why do you do whatever is that you do every day? I write everyday. Even if it is just a few hundred words in a blog post because I want to improve my writing and be a better story teller. I want to tell my story so that it compels people  to action.  Leave a though below, I would love to hear from you.