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A-to-Z 2015 M is for Money

Money is a gift. You should treat it as such. Don’t waste it on meaningless things. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a few luxury or self-indulgent items now and then, but if you  are having trouble paying your bills, don’t add to the problem by buying the latest big screen TV. My grandparents lived through the depression, so they saved everything. String, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass jars, you name it they probably had it somewhere. They didn’t hoard. They shared with their friends and neighbors. If they could save a few pennies here or there, they did. This is being thrifty. Grandma would still buy an occasional bag of her favorite candy. She taught me the meaning of being thrifty and a good steward of my money.

Free Storage

I want to offer you free storage. Ok, it’s not really me, but Dropbox.com. You can sign up through the link and get and extra bit of storage. I will also get the same amount of extra storage for my account. Sign up and then you can get your own link to share with your friends to help you boost your storage. Of course if money is no object, you can opt for the paid account and get 1TB of online storage accessible from your computer, your phone, your tablet, your car, anyplace you have internet access.

Why you might ask? Well are there pictures you want to have even if your house burns down, melts your computer and your back up drive? You can scan important papers and keep them here as well. You might wonder about the security with the storage being accessible from anywhere on the net. That is a very valid concern! Of course your computer is connected to the internet, how secure is it? Dropbox does offer two factor authentication. This greatly improves the access control to your files.  Give it a shot, you might like it.

Saving Money-That’s not a goal

Thoughtful Thursday 2015-1

As mentioned in a couple of other posts, I really do not make New Year’s resolutions. I do however like to set goals and review how I’m doing periodically. I don’t obsess about it. I try to objectively look at what I wrote down (yes Virginia you have to write them down) and measure how far I have come toward the goal. An example might be saving money. To say that I simply want to save money is not a goal. I need an amount. Let’s say my goal  is $2000 in an emergency fund. That’s a start, but it’s still not a goal. A goal has date also. So I look at my budget (WHAT? You don’t have a budget? Get one. Now.) I see that I can put $100 a paycheck in the account by using $85 from my leftover money and reducing the number of lattes I buy to three. Now then I take this info and think, I get paid every 2 weeks so that’s about $200/month so I should set my target to October. I can track it easily now by comparing the goal $2000 in the account by the end of October to what I have in it.  Remember when it comes to money, you have two ways to put more in your pocket: Make more or spend less.

Understanding a few simple things about goals will help you make better goals and will help you to meet them. Yes, it takes some effort, but isn’t your future worth a bit of effort? Go forth and achieve! Have an #AWEsome New Year. That’s not a goal, just a nice thought. Your job is to make it a goal. 🙂

Make More Or Spend Less

Today’s To Do List Tuesday is all about different ways to make or save money. There are only two ways to have more money in your life: make more or spend less. I recommend doing both. Start small. Don’t try everything at once. Pick one or two things off the list and do it! But the important think is to start today.

Savings tips

  1. Take your lunch to work. This save about $7/day or $35/week or $140/month.
  2. Get with family and friends to buy in bulk.
  3. Barter! I can not emphasize this enough. Ask for a better deal and expect it.
  4. Give up one or two lattes a week and put the money in your emergency fund. (don’t drink coffee? then use your favorite vice: cheesecake, chocolate, cheeseburgers, pizza)
  5. Cut back on eating out. Cook at home. Put the money you save towards debt reduction.
  6. Pay off your highest interest debt! This is a real wealth stealer, get rid of it.
  7. Call your cable, internet and phone providers and ask for a rate cut. This works best if you have been a long time customer. They want to keep you. Don’t take no for an answer.

Earning tips

  1. Ask for a raise. If you haven’t had one in a few years, plan for it and ask! (you need to prove it, hence the planning.)
  2. Save and sell your aluminum cans. It isn’t much, but you can recruit people who will help you in the name of recycling. 30-35 cans make a pound that goes for around $0.40-0.50 per pound.
  3. Check out driving for Lyft or Uber.
  4. Have an interesting hobby? You might be able to make money from it. Sell photographs, Make craft items and sell them.
  5. Sell stuff that you are no longer using. That bowling ball you haven’t used in 9 years? Sell it on Craig’s list or Ebay. (Do your home work if you have never used either of these.)

Here is wishing you and yours a most #AWEsome and prosperous New Year! Now do it! I would love to hear your tips for making or saving money.