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How do I develop compassion?

10 Reasons Kind People are Outstanding

Reasons kind people are outstanding

In a society in which we’re constantly bombarded with stories of crime, poverty, and war, kindness appears to be a dying personality trait. That simply isn’t true. Acts of kindness seldom make the evening news, but that doesn’t make them any less prevalent, or the people who perform them any less outstanding. Though they rarely get the credit they deserve, caring people deserve to be celebrated for many reasons. Here are some reasons kind people are outstanding.

Reasons kind people are outstanding

1. They give us hope.

When we hear a story of a family over-tipping their waitress or donating their Christmas presents to a homeless shelter, our first reaction is usually “Faith in humanity: restored.” As I said, we’re so inundated with negative stories on the news and on our Facebook feeds that hearing of such positivity and kindness helps remind us that not everyone out there is awful. These people are the ones who keep the rest of us going, even on our toughest days.

2. They lift others up.

Kind people lift others up in two ways. For one, they help people who have fallen on hard times, or have found themselves in bad situations. They also lift up those around them who are inspired by their efforts. Their actions reach much farther than the instant in which they are performed.

3. They are selfless.

Kind people rarely think of themselves. They are rewarded not by tangible objects, but by seeing joy in other people’s lives. In a world in which so many of us tend to focus on money or some other usable prize, kindhearted people are content knowing that their actions have made a profound impact on the life of someone in need.

4. They don’t look for praise.

Not only do kind people not look for prizes, but they also rarely take credit for their actions. While those they have affected constantly dote out compliments and thank-yous, they usually respond with “It’s no big deal.” They’re simply kind by nature, and doing the right thing has always been innate to their behavior.

5. They provide for their loved ones.

Kind people will bend over backward for their family and friends. They might have to go out of their way and put some extra effort into a task, but they do it, knowing it will benefit their loved ones. They are the fathers who work late nights, or the mothers who are there to pick up their children every day from school. They all have other things they could be doing, but they put their own lives on the back burner so their families can thrive.

6. They are productive.

Kind people are never sedentary. They keep going, no matter how tired they may be. We’ve talked about how kind people put others before themselves, and this includes when it’s inconvenient for them. Simply put, kind people feel a duty to their fellow man, and stop at nothing until they complete a task.

7. They aren’t takers.

Along with being productive, kind people are rarely consumers. They give and give, and usually don’t take anything back. These are the people who help humanity progress; rather than taking what others have created and using it up, they are always creating opportunities for themselves and others.

8. They don’t judge others.

Kind people see everyone as equals, regardless of their circumstances. People who hold biases miss out on so many possible connections when they shut others out. Kind people don’t do this; they accept everyone who comes into their lives, in search of a common thread that may lead to a long-lasting friendship.

9. They’re role models.

Kind people are the ones we all look up to. There are definitely times that even the kindest of people feel down, but they’ll never let you know it. They sometimes seem like superheros, since they’re always “on” no matter how tough their current circumstances may be. They inspire us to be the person we know we can be if we put our all into every aspect of our lives.

10. Their acts are contagious.

Being kind sets off a chain reaction. A young boy helps a man pick up his papers that flew all over the sidewalk; the man stops and fixes a woman’s flat tire for her; the woman later sees a homeless man begging for change and brings him a sub sandwich and cup of coffee; the homeless man brings it to his family for their first fulfilling meal in a week. One tiny act of kindness can cause a ripple effect that could be felt throughout the world. All it takes is one person to set the ball in motion.

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Some actions of kindness caught on camera. Let’s all be a little kinder this week.

Motivation to Study, Best and Worst

Motivation to study

Motivation to Study

By Leo Babauta original article published: The Best & Less-than-Best Motivations for Learning

More than 3,300 people signed up for the 30-Day Learning Challenge (wow!), and some of you might be finding a dip in your motivation to study.

That’s OK. We all go through dips in motivation sometimes. The key is to figure out a better motivator, and adjust your plan.

Today I’d like to talk about a few common motivations that don’t work that well, and then share what I’ve found to be the best motivations to study and learn — ones that keep you going strong even after a month or two.

Let’s start with some less-than-best motivations:

A big goal. People are often very motivated in the beginning of any challenge by setting a big goal for themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with this at all. However, I’ve found that without other motivation, you can lose steam after a week or two. Why? Because you don’t achieve the big goal in a week or two, and in fact if it’s a long ways away, after a couple of weeks you might not be much closer. So go ahead and set a big goal, but have something else that will motivate you in the short term.
Wanting to make quick progress. This is something I’ve experienced, and I’m not alone — we want to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time, and it can be frustrating and disappointing when we don’t make the quick progress we’d like. The truth is that any real progress takes time, and while you might get a quick spurt of learning done here and there, most often it comes with dedication and months of work. That said, if you have realistic expectations, seeing yourself make modest progress can be very motivating.
It sounds nice. Lots of times we take on a challenge because we think it would be cool to complete it. I think it would be cool to be able to do some amazing magic tricks, for example. But in the end, I’m not that motivated to put in the hard work required to do some really skilled magic tricks. That takes hours and hours of practice, weeks and weeks even, and I don’t care that much about it. I just think it would be cool. If you don’t care that much about the learning goal, you’ll quit when things get hard.
Creating your ideal self. Often we have a list of things we’d like to learn or improve, because we want to reach an ideal we have for ourselves. We want to be fit, healthy, mindful, talented, multi-lingual, accomplished and more. And while there’s nothing wrong with having these ideals, the truth is that you lose motivation after a week or two if this is your primary driver. Why? Because at some point, you stop caring about the ideal. You feel that it’s not worth the effort. You’re already pretty cool as you are, without needing to improve.

OK, so these common motivators don’t work so well … but what does work? Let’s talk about the things I’ve found to be good long-term motivators.

The Best Motivations

These five things are great motivators that can last beyond a week or two, in my experience:

Curiosity. This is my favorite motivator! When I take on a new learning challenge, it works best if I’m genuinely curious about something. If something is mildly interesting to me, I probably won’t stick with it for long. But if I want to go deeper and deeper, and learn everything I can about something, I will stick with it. So try to check how much curiosity you have for the thing you’re learning. You can spark the curiosity sometimes, but other times it’s better to scrap what you’re learning and find something that really gets you curious.
Exploring something new. For me, it’s often not about accomplishing something cool or reaching some ideal or goal … and more about exploring. This is obviously very related to curiosity, but for me, allowing myself to explore in a less disciplined way is often the more sustainable method of learning. I let myself play, let my curiosity lead me, let the discovery be the goal. Try loosening up on your learning and allow yourself to have fun discovering.
Doing it with someone else. I love this method — often I’ll take on a challenge with Eva or a friend, or one of my kids. It’s fun doing something with someone else, and often if one person loses motivation, the other person will help keep you both on track. I also am very motivated by wanting to help the other person, and while doing something for myself is also a great goal, doing it for someone else helps a lot.
Caring deeply about it. As I mentioned above, we sometimes don’t care that much about creating an ideal self, or reaching big long-term goals. So what do we care about? That’s a question we have to ask ourselves, and if you have an answer, that’s a great thing to devote yourself to learning. If you don’t have an answer, then devote yourself to exploring that question by learning different things.
To prove that you can take on difficult things. For years, I quit when the learning got difficult. But that’s when real learning happens — when things are difficult and you push through, when you are failing and wanting to quit. We learn by pushing ourselves into uncomfortable areas, and if we always quit, we’ll never get very deep into anything. So my best motivation recently is to prove to myself that I can stick to difficult learning challenges. So far, I proving myself right.

Source: The Best & Less-than-Best Motivations for Learning

What is your favorite motivation to study or learn something new? Leave a thought or two below. Share with your friends and ask what motivates them to learn.

Motivation - Get Motivated

Motivation Monday-Understand Your Motivation

It’s Motivation Monday

Let’s hit the road floor running. Okay, I don’t run, but it’s a nice sounding phrase for don’t just sit there. Get up and move! Everyone has different views on motivation. A very few like the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world are self-starters and seem to stay motivated by their own energy. The rest of us need a jump-start now and then. Some people need positive reinforcement, while others work best with negative. The carrot and the stick, which one works best for you? When setting new goals, it’s a good idea to understand what motivates. Be as specific as possible. That way when Monday morning rolls around and you have to get out of bed, there is some motivation there. Something that either encourages or threatens you to get moving. Most people respond better to positive motivation. Whether it is a reward, a celebration or just a pat on the back, you need to figure out why you want to do something.  If we are lucky, we work because it’s something we enjoy doing. If not, we work because we want to eat and sleep under a roof. Understanding your motivation will help you reach your goals.

Stillness .vs. Action

Where ever your path takes you....

Where ever your path takes you….

Standing still is good if you are planning, resting or meditating. Not so much if you are trying to get somewhere. Stillness has its place, but do not allow the peace of your stillness to overcome your need for action.  Some people need more preparation to get their mind ready to take action. Use your quiet time to visualize yourself taking action. This usually helps overcoming the mental inertial of inaction. If you are serious about something, if your motivation is strong enough, you will take action. Start small. Identify one small thing that is easy to do. Do it. Celebrate your success. It does not need to be a  big celebration, but celebrate. This will help to increase your motivation. Celebrating helps your mind link action to good times.


If you have been a hoarder for as long as you can remember, or maybe you just have trouble throwing things away, don’t try to clean the entire house. You want a clean house, but you don’t know where to begin. Start with one thing. Maybe you have collected aluminum cans. Get a large bag. Collect all the cans. Sell them to a recycle store. Celebrate. Tomorrow, find one more simple thing you can do. Breaking huge insurmountable tasks into smaller pieces now makes the task seem possible. Taking action reinforces your motivation. It shows you that can make progress.

What motivates you? Why do you do whatever is that you do every day? I write everyday. Even if it is just a few hundred words in a blog post because I want to improve my writing and be a better story teller. I want to tell my story so that it compels people  to action.  Leave a though below, I would love to hear from you.

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

It’s Friday! Most people don’t need any motivational quotes or anything else to get them pumped for the day. For the majority, this is the last day of the work week. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend. If you are in the restaurant business or self-employed, you know that the weekend is your busiest and most profitable time. While you might happy that it’s Friday, remember to encourage those that may not share your enthusiasm. There is a reason that they are not happy or enthused about the day.

Sometimes even on a good day, we need a little boost of happiness, inspiration or maybe just a smile.  Life throws challenges at all of us. How you react and what you do with those challenges defines who you are. The heat of the moment is the fire that forges your character. How you wield the hammer of your reactions and attitude determines how that character forms. Chuck Norris says, “Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” We all want to be better people, but are we willing to take the heat? Here is a video to kick off your weekend. I hope it’s a great one.

Here are a few motivational quotes from BrainyQuote.com:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.  — Thomas A. Edison

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. — Helen Keller

Motivational quotes from Aldous Huxley

Quote Aldous Huxley

Have a great weekend – Leave a comment

Enjoy your weekend no matter is happening! Do you have a favorite site that you like to use for motivational quotes? What are some of your favorite motivational quotes or videos. Please share your quotes and links in the comment area  below!